Behringer X32


32-Channel 16-Bus Digital Mixing Console

  • 32 XLR mic / line Inputs
  • 8 Stereo FX returns
  • 16 Mix busses
  • 6 Matrix busses with insert
  • 6 Mute groups
  • 8 DCA groups
  • 16 XLR outputs
  • 6 AUX inputs: 6.3 mm jack (optional 2 via RCA)
  • 6 AUX Out: 6.3 mm Jack (optional 2 via RCA)
  • AES / EBU stereo digital output
  • 2 Headphone outputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo monitor / control room output with dim and mono function
  • 32 Inputs / 32 Outputs USB audio interface
  • 100 mm Motor fader
  • 7" TFT colour display
  • LCD display per channel
  • 4-Band fully-parametric EQ per channel
  • Adjustable delays on all channels
  • Virtual effects rack with 8 FX slots
  • Built-in stereo USB recorder
  • Remote control with USB or Ethernet
  • Compatible with the Behringer P-16 personal monitoring system
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 900 x 550 x 230 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Corresponding expansion board: SD Record Art. 448412 (not included)
  • Corresponding cover: Article Nr. 487523 (not included)
Fås siden August 2012
Artikelnummer 259395
salgsenhed 1 stk
Max.number of input channels 32
Microphone Inputs 32
Analog Line Inputs 32
Analog Line Outputs 16
Analog in/ out with plug-in card expandable Yes
Digital Inputs None
Digital Outputs AES
Digital in-/ outputs expandable Yes
Word Clock No
Motorfader Yes
Computer interface USB, Ethernet
MIDI-interface Yes
User Interface Physical/remote
Number of faders 25
DSP Input channels 32
DSP Output Channels 24
Busses 16
Mic Preamp 32
Mono-Line Input 6
Stereo-Line Input 0
Physical outputs 22
Digital stagebox connection AES50
Ethernet Ethernet
Hotspot No
Special Features Compatible with BEHRINGER P-16 Personal Monitoring System, 32 in / 32 out FW Interface
Multitrack Record Yes
Soundcard interface USB-B
integratated Player/Rec via USB/SD stereo
Recorder Format WAV
Scribble Strips 1
FX Processor 8
31 Band EQ 8
Delay Input 1
Delay Output 1
Matrix 6
DCA/VCA Gruppen 8
Midi Connector Midi-Din
Sample rate 48 kHz
Monitor Apps 1
Separate Personal Monitor system Optional
Expansion Card slots 1
Digital ADAT Optional
Digital SPDIF No
Digital AES3/ASESEB Yes
Digital MADI Optional
Digital Dante Optional
110V capable 1
Case Included
19" Rackmount No
Height 200 mm
Width 900 mm
Depth 528 mm
Weight 20,6 kg
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19.490 kr
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The perfect digital mixer
Anonym 17.08.2016
The X32 are so easy to work with, even if you come from an analog world. The hole setup and routing are really fantastic, and makes the X32 a very versatile mixer.

With the latest firmware, introducing automation with cue-lists, makes the X32 a perfect fit for our theater. Furthermore, the DCA's and the digital channel strip scribble, is amazing and makes it so nice and flexible, when things are changing during a show.

Even though the pre-amps are not high-end MIDAS pre-amps, they actually sound remarkably good.

This mixer is still a bargin, when it comes to input channels, busses and functionality.
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Love it
Anonym 01.09.2016
This digital mixer is just fantastic.

I like the sound, I like how workflow is and I like how it looks.

We've had the x32 for almost 2 years now - and I has always been a joy to work with. Of course you have to know a little about digital mixers in order to use it out-of-the-box - otherwise you have to learn about menus, submenus, motorized faders and terms regarding mixers.

I can only recommend this mixer to everyone who has the space for it (It takes up som space).
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Review X32
Moggy624 13.06.2013
I was impressed with this board for its spec. and price, and the fact that it could run on Cat 5 to a stage box. The fact that Midas had also helped in the design of the pre amps and the manufacturing process was another plus. So it was bought together with the S16 and the flightcase (Also reviewed).

We mainly use the X32 at different venues for musical theatre so the extra channels (32) were a plus over the Presonus 24.4.2 (24) which we previously used and still own. I had considered buying another X32 to provide us with 64 channels for the large shows we do with Orchestras. We currently feed that into the Presonus which is used alongside the X32.

I tried to use the X32 for a multi track recording of our latest show, but the software (Studio One 2 Pro on a Mac Book Pro) stated that the external hard drive I was recording too was not fast enough to record all 32 tracks. I changed to 24 tracks but still got the error. However, you can get an instant 2 channels mix using the inbuilt recorder. There is also the facility to play back wav files via a USB stick but I would like to see that further expanded to allow playlist to be set up to auto play or play a playlist rather than one track at a time.

I hadn't experienced the lag on the same external hard drive (Toshiba PA4144E-1HB5) with the Presonus 24.4.2 using their software "Capture", So it may well be I'll have to wait till the hard drives using "Thunderbolt" become cheaper.

The Midas pre amps have a nice analogue sound to them when compared with the Presonus 24.4.2 which can sometimes sound "hard" and "crisp".

I've found the X32 FX's to be varied and well thought out and the re-verbs on vocals are really nice. If you own the "Waves plug ins" there is also a way to use them through the board using a DAW. (See YouTube)

The DCA#s are great for controlling groups of faders and if set up correctly can minimise the need to keep changing to other layers.

I loved using the mixer when it was working, unfortunately, my board has developed a fault after approx 21 shows, (Outputs 1 to 8 are not outputting any sound). It's not a major problem for me at the moment as we can use the outputs 9 to 16, but for more complicated sets ups this is going to be a problem).

So it will be a call the Thomann tomorrow to test how good their support is. (I may report what happens in a later post)

The fact that it has a 3 year warranty was a plus point when buying it considering Behringer's past reputation for quality and poor support.

The Behringer web site community forum is very helpful for anyone using the board and there is plenty of help if needed and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to get you started. (Check out Drew Brashler KD7QCU on YouTube he's a wiz and explains his tutorials in easy terms).

The fact that you can control the board by Ipad or computer is a plus point, I was able to feed the fold back monitors which on stage. This is also helpful when listening to your mix from different areas of the Theatre as some venues don't have the sound booth in the central position.
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Good but cumbersome
whoknowsreally 20.10.2021
I purchased this desk after hearing so many great things, and don't get me wrong it's a good desk. However, there are far more intuitive products out there. The x32 probably has all the features you need, however the way in which you'll execute them is usually always more cumbersome than it's competitors.

The iOS app has been discontinued and is no longer maintained - such a shame for a desk that isn't even that old, very disappointing. There are others out there that do the job, but the lack of proprietry app again add's unnecessary troubleshooting.

The way the x32 comunicates with the proprietry stage boxes (tested with the s32) again is just short of its competitors. Not being able to assign the input maxrix per channel and instead having to assign the stack (1-8, 9-16 etc) is a major downside.

It's a digital console and does everything you probably imagine. The onboard presets for channels are OK. But channel management, and managing mixes is just - and I hate to say it again - but it's cumbersome.

I've picked at the things I don't like about this desk - but it works. Once you get used to the way it runs, it's fine. However, as other consoles have come down to this price point (or close enough) in recent years, I would always recommend going with them... Soundcraft, Yamaha, A&H every day of the week.
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