Behringer S16


Digital Stagebox

  • With 16 Inputs and 8 Outputs
  • AES50 network (Klark Teknik)
  • Up to 100m of networking capability via CAT-5e cable (not included in delivery)
  • 7-segment LED displays
  • Direct P-16 Monitor port
  • Dual ADAT outputs
  • MIDI In/Output
  • USB connector for system updates via PC
  • Format: 19" / 2HE
  • Mounting depth: 21 cm
  • Distance of the metal handles to the front: 2,2 cm
Fås siden December 2012
Artikelnummer 281296
salgsenhed 1 stk
Network Protocol AES50
Connector RJ45
Input Channels 16
Output Channels 8
Digital Inputs 0
Digital Outputs 16
Width 483
Depth in mm 210
Hight 89
Weight 4,9 kg
Mounting Height 2 U
19" Rackkit Yes
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4.899 kr
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Information om forsendelse
Gratis levering. Forventet mellem fredag, 24.03. og mandag, 27.03.
Øvelokale / studio / mindre spillejob
Anonym 21.01.2017
Produktet passer perfekt til vores x32 Producer. Er let at tilkoble / tilpasse unden at skulle være expert og optræder som om den var en interageret del af Produceren / X32.

- talk bag, mulighed for at kommunikere med scenen og f.eks. få tilpasset monitorer lyd on the fly. Hvem har ikke prøvet at stå med for meget eller for lidt monotorlyd en helt sæt.
- dejligt ikke at skulle slæbe rundt på tunge kabler til en stageboks
- signal / støj forhold perfekt, digitalt direkte fra scenen.
- mulighed for at fordoble antal ind og udgangen med 20 cm netkabel og en ekstra S16 hvis der skulle blive behov
- mulighed for at låne vores S16 ud til andre vi kender og det samme den anden hvis vi skal bruge 2 stk. Det tager et minut at frakoble den.
- herforuden en række andre mulighed som P16 m.m. vi glæder os til at bruge

- er ikke stødt på nogen endnu

I øvelokalet bruger vi samme fysiske / programmerings set up som på scenen hvilket gør det rigtigt let flytte mixeren ned i lokalet og komme igang da alt der binder scene og mixer sammen er et netkabel.
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Hi Quality, good value, full featured stage box
MattyH 30.09.2015
This is a great companion to the X32 mixer.

I have been using this in a short depth rack now for a couple of months and it works really well taking just 2U spaces. It works when this is cascaded to it's sister the SD16 on the same AES50 link with long 50 meter Ethernet cables between both the units and the mixer I get solid sync and great performance from both units at the same time.

Interestingly, the ADAT outs on the S16 can be assigned to different AES50 lines from the outs on the front the S16 meaning that you can send different signals to the ADAT outs if you wish. Using this I have hooked up each of the ADATs to Behringer ADA8000s which converts the signal to analogue. I have the ADA8000 outs plugged into a Cymatic LR16 which I place in a short rack drawer with the back panel unscrewed to reveal the input jacks it also fits the USB hard disk. So now I can record 16 individual tracks onto the LR16 independently and at the same time whilst still using all the S16's functions and best of all it all fits nicely into a 6U SHORT rack for placing on stage. I just hit record at the start of the gig and it captures everything I need for remixing later.

Here is the format for the 6U short depth rack:

-2U Drawer with-
--Cymatic LR16-- Insert Jacks on LR16 (no ring connected on TRS)
----ADA8000-1-- ^^ Balanced XLR outs to stereo Jack (disconnect ring wire) ^^
----ADA8000-2-- ADAT ins
-------S16------- ^^ ADAT outs ^^

Cymatic have just released the UTrack X32 card which is available at Thomann this looks very interesting and does the same job at on the mixer side but allows 32!!! channel recording to usb HDD. Might have to put that one on the Xmas list :)
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What can you say? Simply brilliant
Anonym 26.09.2015
The sound is as good as it gets, and the protocol is so easy to use that it's crazy. You turn it on, plug it into one of the AES50 ports on the X32, and it simply works. Every time. No instability or strangeness - just works.

I ordered two S16s, but one of them had a faulty power supply, so I had to send it back. That was a bit sad, as I had to dig out the analog multicore the following concert to cover the last inputs. One of our helpers even managed to dig through the multicore with a shovel, so it lost a few channels. Had it been a CAT-5 cable, we could have just replaced that one cable cheaply.

What that also tells, is that of course Behringer cuts some corners even on these a little bit more high-quality products. I have an older Behringer mixer, which also had a power supply that failed and had to be sent back. Plus some older Behringer speakers which also had a power supply that failed.

But when that problem was fixed, I can't complain about anything. These units are brilliant. I just wish they weren't quite that expensive, maybe one to two hundred euros cheaper. But I see that the Midas preamps is what ramps up the price in both the X32 and the S16s, so it's all good, I guess!

Anyway, they are part of a brilliant, cheap system, that gives me a looot of functionality. It's all been said before. Behringer - thank you!
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Never again 200lbs copper multi cable!
Anonym 05.10.2014
Having bought two of these for use with my Behringer X32 mixer, I have permanently solved my biggest problems with signalling between stage and mixer, most often being the 200lbs, 50 foot long tangled maze of a multi cable that I have been struggling with up untill now. I have bought a couple of 2-unit Gator racks to put these stageboxes in, and so far it has proven a viable solution for my use (as long as no one steps on the Gator case). Combined with a couple of long ethernet cables, these two units have completely replaced the need for my old, heavy copper multi cable when on the move, e.g. using my X32 on live gigs. Since the S16s also use the same preamps as the X32, the sound produced is the same as if only using the analogue inputs on the mixer, which makes for several possible setups of preamps, both for studio recording and live sound engineering.
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