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Behringer Crave


Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesiser

  • VCO based on CEM3340
  • Sawtooth and pulse waveforms with pulse width modulation
  • Noise generator
  • 24 dB ladder filter with resonance, switchable between low pass and high pass
  • ADSR envelope
  • Analogue LFO with triangular and rectangular waveforms
  • Step sequencer with 32 steps and 64 memory slots
  • Arpeggiator
  • Patch panel with 18 inputs and 14 outputs for expanded sound options and for connecting to other modular synthesisers & sequencers
  • Audio input for sound processing external sources
  • Poly-chaining of up to 16 devices possible
  • 3.5 mm jack headphone output
  • MIDI In/Out
  • USB-B port
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 320 x 164 x 47 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Includes 12 V DC power supply and 6 patch cables
  • Suitable cover: Art.477464 (not included)
  • Suitable case: Art.483027 (not included)
Design Desktop
Polyphony 1
Sound Generation Analogue
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out/Thru
Storage Medium Internal
USB-port Yes
Effects No
Arpeggiator Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 1
Digital Output No
Display No
Fås siden Oktober 2019
Artikelnummer 475765
Optional Expansions None
Special Features Stepsequencer, Arpeggiator
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1.299 kr
Inkl. moms. Obs! Yderligere fragtomkostninger 60 kr

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Information om forsendelse
Forventet levering mellem torsdag, 2.12. og fredag, 3.12.
85 besøgende
2 Salgsrang
Behringer?s entirely orginal Crave synthesizer is a very neat machine!
Synth raptor 12.10.2020
As always the package was send from Thomann just soon after I made my order. It was delivered on time and without any trouble.
Upon opening the package The machine itself had a minuscule flaw/ding in the paintjob, but asides from that it is really sturdy and well made, and I personality really like the aesthetics of the orange/black color scheme.
After dealing with firmware update, it functioned perfectly. I do really enjoy the sound of the oscillator, that sweet "Moog style" 24 Db lowpass filter and of course the 32 point mod matrix which allow for some interesting and fun sound exploration (with the 6 included patch cables).
For my purpose, it does very nice bass, leads, percusive sounds, and strange alien bleeps which sits very well in my productions (lofi, noise, techno, dub). While The onboard sequencer is alright for basic operations, the machine really shines when connected to an external hardware sequencer or DAW of choice.
For now I?ve primarily used it as a sound module as part of a sporadic jam setup together with an Korg Electribe 2 groovebox. This combination bring a lot of joy. I am however also looking forward to hooking it up with other modular gear (especially I find the possibility for polychaining exciting!).
As Behringer new line of synths has been subject of some critique (re: IP and market ehtics) I sugget any potentiel buyer to make informed choices. All things aside, I do however sincerely recommend this beautiful and amazingly cheap music instrument for musicians and soundgeeks alike. *****
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Anmeld bedømmelse

Great introduction to Modular
Kris66 03.01.2020
I've got this synth a month or so now and it continues to amaze me.
It's so much fun and the sound palette is awesome. From deep pounding basses to experimental noises and all in between.
For the price it's a no brainer.
It would be great if Behringer made better more educational manuals.
1. The price. None can't beat that!
2. Great Sequencer and easy to understand.
3. Really well designed. It feels very solid.
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A beast in disguise
Harbugan! 21.01.2020
The Behringer Crave... Didn't really knew what to expect, but I really got to hand it to them... It is absolutely amazing.
A bit quirky, and takes a little time to get used to, but it is very rewarding and can really output "beautiful" sounds.
Gets the thumbs up from me, at this price point... what's not to love!
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God kompakt miniudgave af en synthesizer
JFDKEU 05.12.2020
Rigeligt med features og en god build i kasse og knapper.
Masser af muligheder. Den skal den kobles med et minijackstick til lydkortet. Det kunne godt have været en alm str. jack.
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