Special Micro for Snare DrumThe Audix I-5 is a dynamic microphone for stage and studio instrument micing. It is particularly suitable for loud instruments such as Snare or electric guitar etc and due to its absolutely professional processing is particularly suitable for events.

The I-5 has been designed to meet the needs of users and retailers for a universal, high-quality and cost-effective instrument microphone. In recent years, Audix has successfully produced a wide range of application-specific microphones for e.g. Drums and percussion produced. I-5 is a synthesis of the experiences of these developments. Audix is the leading U.S. Manufacturer of high quality microphones for the event and studio market.

Although the I-5 is manufactured in large numbers for a broad audience, the high quality specifications and quality control standards, as with all other products, are retained as trademarks of Audix.

The I-5 is designed with a cardioid polar pattern that allows the microphone to be transmitted to the stage without crosstalk from other instruments or sounds. With a smooth, even frequency response of 50 Hz - 16 kHz and the sound pressure processing of more than 140 dB, the I-5 is an all purpose microphone suitable for all musical styles.

Each model with the current Audix instrument microphone technology is made of durable cast zinc alloy in a slim housing with a unique basket design and laser-etched model and serial number.

  • Micing from above and below possible
  • Professional dynamic microphone
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency response 50 - 16 kHz
  • Impedance 150 ohms
  • Max. SPL 140 dB
  • Also suitable for wind instruments such as trumpet, trombone etc.!
  • Includes carrying bag, microphone clip and thread adapter
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  • Git Amp
  • Snare
  • Tom

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Incl. Clip On Mount No
Condenser Microphone No

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Audix i-5
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Audix i-5
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Bedste billige mikrofon
Studienørd, 20.05.2019
Det er vist ikke nogen hemmelighed hvilken mikrofon i5?eren forsøger at stjæle markedsandele fra.
Og den vinder i samtlige kategorier hvor man normalt ville bruge en mere "traditionel" mikrofon.

Lilletromme, elguitar... i5?eren tager imod hvad som helst, specielt hvis man gerne vil have en mindre nasal og mere klar lyd.
Og så er den oveni købet et par centimeter kortere end nærmeste konkurrent, hvilket ofte gør tingene lettere ifht placering.
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I alt
Great for snare drum live and studio
Joe Fleming, 09.06.2019
Excellent sound, rugged and many sound variations by multiple positioning. Very little bleeding from the hi-hats which is excellent.
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