Drum Set

  • With ATV xD3 drum module (the "little brother" of the aD5 module)
  • Cymbals identical to ATV flagship aDrums
  • 18 Preset drum kits
  • Additional sounds can be purchased online through ATV Sound Store
  • 20 Songs - more can be played from SD card
  • Metronome
  • Quick Record
  • Practice function
  • Additional 6.3 mm stereo jack input for a second crash pad
  • Headphone output: 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • 2 Main outputs: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Mix in: 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • SD/SDHC card slot for storing backups and playing WAV files
  • USB-MIDI interface for direct connection from Mac or PC
  • Required surface area approx: 140 x 80 cm

Note: After registering the drum set on the ATV website, 9 additional kits are available for free download.

Set configuration:

  • 1x 13" Mesh head snare pad
  • 2x 10" Mesh head tom pad
  • 1x 13" Mesh head tom pad
  • 1x 13" Mesh head kick pad
  • 1x 14" Hi-hat pad pair mountable on hi-hat machine
  • 2x 14" Two-zone crash cymbal pad
  • 1x 16" Ride cymbal pad
  • Drum rack

Note: Hi-hat stand, foot pedal and stool not included

Fås siden Juni 2019
Artikelnummer 437933
salgsenhed 1 stk
Incl. Rack Yes
Incl. Throne No
Incl. Footpedal No
Incl. Headphone No
Mesh Head Pads Yes
Pads (Stereo) Yes
Number of Direct Outs 0
15.890 kr
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Afsendelse forventet fredag, 2.12.
Kedsen 28.05.2020
Great kit, and it works perfectly!!!

Could use some more sounds and more kits, but overall a great kit.
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Great ekit!
Unisonance 23.01.2020
I wanted to write my review after I have spent some time with my EXS-5, so now after owning it for 4 months here is what I think of it.

I am playing/learning drums for 2 years, keys have been my main instrument for years. I had a small ekit at the beginning which I kept upgrading and finally decided to get a new one that would not need upgrades (I have to stress that!!) and at a "normal" price that I could justify to myself for an ekit. At first I considered an acoustic conversion but decided it would be equally expensive when starting from scratch (single components such as cymbals are very expensive) and I would need to spend some time building it right.

So after much research I decided to go with the EXS-5 as I wanted a ekit similar in size to an acoustic that I can learn drums on (acoustic is not an option) and avoid my practice time get wasted. Since this seemed to be the closest to my needs and in my price range I went for it. In this respect it truely delivers! Fast crosshands that I practiced on this kit, I could play exactly the same way on my teacher's acoustic kit as it felt the same size to me. All the exersices I need to practice, I play them the same way on the acoustic. When I cannot play something during practice, now I know it is me and not the limitation of the kit. So in this respect it has been a perfect choice! Of course the difference in rebound inherent to all mesh heads is there, but that's where technology is at today.

Cymbal sizes: The HiHat is the same size as an acoustic and mounts on a real stand. On the ride I can do bell/bow exerises since it is not too small. The crashes are big enough for landing safely on after a fill. The feel of the stick on the cymbals might be the best there is on the market today. Nothing more to ask for in this area.

Snare: Plays wonderfully and sitting on a real snare afterwards seems the same size which is very important to me.

Toms: Sizes are very good for practicing and almost as an acoustic kit. Dynamics in playing are translated very well.

Kick: Out of the box the rebound is too much because of the mesh head. I added a couple of sponges inside (had to remove the head) to absorve some impact energy and allow for some "sink-in" of the beater, adjusted mesh tension and now the rebound is very good. My kick practicing translates on my teacher's acoustic kick so I am satisfied now.

The hardware is excellent!!
The tom mounts provide extensive adjustability. In engineering terms, there are many degrees of freedom! I didn't realise that until I set up the kit and was pleasantly surprised. It made me look closer at the smaller EXS kits and the tom mounts are the standard fare, not like these ones! Then I checked other brands with kits in this price range and they don't have such tom mounts either! You can set them very high if you need to.
The cymbal arms allow for a lot of adjustbility as well.
The whole mounting system gave me a top tier product impression, not something cheap that will just to do the job! For the snare I chose to use a snare stand to make it like an acoustic setup. The whole thing is very sturdy when played, doesn't wobble at all.

Soundwise, the cymbals are phenomenal and clearly the best thing in the module. The sound is just so good! The playability is also excellent thanks to how the cymbal pads feel under the sticks and the relatively big sizes. I think there is hardly anything better even at much higher price ranges.

The rest of the sounds are good. I have downloaded all 18 kits and there are gems in there, only that I cannot mix and match to taste. However there has been a recent announcement that creating custom kits will be possible in the future via their online store. This will be a great and much needed new feature! I will not comment on the lack of sound editing as this module is clearly marketed as plug and play with the best posiible sounds out of the box. It is a matter of individual taste and application. For learning how to play drums, it is all you need and provides a very pleasing experience!

The only cons I would like to address are:
- the lack of setting MIDI note numbers (very important if you want to drive a synth with drum sounds or want to use your old module at the same time for additional inputs in a DAW + VST)
- the lack of Local Off (very important when recodring your MIDI performance in a DAW and want to use the onboard sounds).
Not a deal breaker but extremely usefull and cannot see why they have been omitted since there is both USB and 5pin MIDI connectivity. I find these trivial MIDI settings for everybody and not something that would differtiate product tiers. I hope they would unlock these settings in a future firmware.

Playing VSTs: Excellent! Very dynamic and excellent triggering. This goes for both pads and cymbals. Note however that ATV modules don't support dual zone toms, either with onboard sounds or MIDI, though the toms themselves are dual zone as far as hardware is concerned. Would have been nice to be able to add percussion sounds on the rims through MIDI, but you don't have that on acoustic drums either so...

As a final verdict after 4 months of extensive use, it's a kit I love looking at, have a lot fun with, no trouble with, can practice on and I am not afraid of breaking something no matter how hard I hit :-)
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M.Wackens 25.08.2019
The set
Never knew about atv drums until i was looking for cymbals to build a hybrid kit. The value of this set is incredible. Buy the cymbals individually, maybe throw in the module and you're almost up to the value of this entire kit. It's a very good looking drumkit with obviously descent sized pads all around. I have two minor remarks on the quality. One bolt to connect a pad to the rack snapped when i first assembled the kit. Thomann contacted their distributor and they send me ten (10!) spares. That helped in feeling reassured about the quality and i'm sure it was a single flawed bolt and not some weak material choice. One other minor thing was that one of the cymbal boom arms had a nasty squeek, that is now solved with some teflon spray. A really nice looking and sturdy drumkit just those two little things prevented a fifth star on quality.

Untill some patents expire, positional sensing will remain a roland only feature. Other than that, the trigger setup on these pads that prevent hotspotting, the dynamic range is remarkable, a higher number of samples in the included kits would benefit this feature even better since now the dynamics are mostly about volume and with more samples it could be more about sound, but with that said, if you want better dynamics you will have to go acoustic.

The module
The sounds in the module (and the free ones you can get from the website), together with these amazing cymbals make this a very enjoyable instrument that invites you to play. Unless you like tons of features in your drum module, this has everything and was a complete refreshing find for me. Playing, recording, practice is all covered in an easy to use interface. One thing they seemed to have dropped is the possibility to assign midi notes to a certain trigger. It is mentioned in my (older?) manual but not in the online version. So i guess they included it first (same as in the AD5) but then removed it for some reason, which is too bad because if you want to trigger some drum software, you now have no way to separate the zones of pads and cymbals. Not a big issue for me, for now, but some might intend to use software drumkits and not being able to do this might be a dealbreaker for them.

Overall quality of the set and the sounds
The less is more approach
3-Trigger design in the pads

Not much, for me.
If i have to name something, i'd like the midi note assignment back and maybe more samples per kit to fully enjoy the amazing dynamics but i guess it would be a trade off with memory and loading times.

Limited number of drumkits and features but very high quality sounds in a very well made and good looking set that feels very natural to play.
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Trying to be honest here
steve shadforth 29.11.2021
So, the hype is justified, mainly.

Fantastic quality, the hardware and pads feel well made. Easy setup, didn’t have to use the crosstalk wizard, there is no issue. If you want a few basic kits, it’s fabulous, but you have to play through a full range monitor to get the full joy. My only issue is that some of the kits are pretty much unusable, and there’s no tweaking to be had with pitch etc. I’m happy though, as a step up from my Alesis kit, it’s a winner.
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