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Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core

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Could be good interface - if it worked
Gundars, 10.08.2021
This spring I moved to a new, M1 based Mac and had to retire my trusty Motu Traveler. I decided to move to new DSP based interface and Antelope just released Zen Q.

Unfortunatelly my experioence has been pure disaster... I ordered it on May 18th and still haven't got working unit that I could review for what it is.

Firs unit that came in June had terrible clicks in monitors whenever there was activity on LCD screen and after communicating with ANtelope support team and Thomann it was diagnosed as faulty batch in production, so I had to send it back.

After a month of waiting for replacement I finally got it out and hurray(!) no clicks. But as soon as I applied guitar cabinet simulation, monitors were almost blown out by terrible crackling noise...

After week of communication Antelope support indicated that HW 5.0 revision of Zen Q has this issue. Since then they haven't been able to fix or remedy this issue and my second unit goes back to Thomann - this time for refund.

Otherwise, it sounded good, but two deffective units in row is beyond coincidence and I would advise to wait until "baby" problems are ironed out before buying this interface.

I also didn't like idea that you have reduce security settings in macOS Recovery mode indicating that, probably, drivers are not fully certified with Apple.
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Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core

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