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Electric Drum Set

  • Strike Performance Drum Module
  • 1800 Sounds
  • 136 Kits
  • 4.3" Colour LED display
  • Sample your own sounds (wav. files) with the included 16 GB SD card
  • Module configuration with Strike Software Editor
  • 12-Channel mixer
  • Effects section with reverb, flanger, chorus, vibrato and delay
  • Sample record
  • 12x 6.3 mm Stereo jack trigger inputs
  • 2x 6.3 mm Jack main outputs (balanced)
  • 8x 6.3 mm Jack direct outputs (balanced)
  • 1x 6.3 mm Stereo jack headphone output
  • 1x 3.5 mm Stereo jack line input
  • SD Card slot (max. 64 GB)
  • MIDI Input/Output
  • Drum shells are made from hybrid wood
  • Latest-generation mesh heads for most natural response ever
  • Black and gold rack mounting hardware
  • Cymbals feature the "hammer" marks
  • Includes drum rack, snare stand, power supply, cables and sticks
  • Required surface area approx: 170 x 120 cm

Set Configuration:

  • 1x 14" Two-zone mesh head snare pad
  • 1x 8" Two-zone mesh head tom pad
  • 1x 10" Two-zone mesh head tom pad
  • 1x 12" Two-zone mesh head tom pad
  • 1x 14" Two-zone mesh head tom pad
  • 1x 20" Mesh head kick drum
  • 1x 14" Two-zone movable hi-hat pad (for mounting to a hi-hat stand)
  • 3x 14" Crash cymbal pad with stop function
  • 1x 16" Three-zone ride cymbal pad

Note: Bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand are not included

Fås siden December 2019
Artikelnummer 479875
salgsenhed 1 stk
Incl. Rack Yes
Incl. Throne No
Incl. Footpedal No
Incl. Headphone No
Mesh Head Pads Yes
Pads (Stereo) Yes
Number of Direct Outs 8
18.890 kr
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Almost there
Sepic 29.08.2022
Very good kit overall - so far I've had no problems with the quality. The feel is very good.
There's quite a lot of bleed from the triggers, meaning that you often hear the ride when hitting the floor toms, or some other unwanted effects like that. The hi-hat has many issues with registering when the pedal is pressed and the hi-hat is closed, so often you have to re open and close in order for it to register.

That being said, it is an overall very good kit, and the module seems very powerful.
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A Fantastic Kit
JMSL 18.11.2022
I purchased this kit for my son and I am seriously impressed with how good it has turned out to be. I have purposely waited a few months before writing a review to see give an informed opinion.

The kit is considerably cheaper than a Roland so comparing it to a kit four times the price is not a fair comparison, however, it is comparable and it compares well.

The sounds are fantastic. Whilst they are good out of the box, it is when kit is set up properly, they really stand out. Read the instructions and then read them again! YouTube has great content on how to set this kit up properly from musicians who use it daily. If you do this, I do not think there is anything in this price band that is comparable and it is as good as kits that cost considerably more.

The quality of the kit itself is very good for the price and it plays really well. The only weakness is the high hat set up. The sound is good, but the physical set up requires constant adjustment to keep it working properly. I think this would be better as a purely digital setup rather than a hybrid that most users seem to agree can be a problem and still doesn’t feel like an acoustic high hat.

I would happily recommend this kit and Thomann to anyone.
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What a kit!
Bongosolo 04.01.2023
Exceptional drumkit, couldn't fault it. Looks great, sounds great and has the extra pieces to make an ekit feel like a real kit. With the addition to purchase add on kits and download to SD card the strike module is easy to use. Highly recommend this kit
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Real Feel E-Drumset mit viel Ausstattung
Shush 21.10.2020
Wer ein E-Drum mit sehr guten Triggerverhalten, einer großen Ausstattungsvielfalt und einem "echten Look" sucht, sollte hier zugreifen.

Als Vergleichswert nehme ich hier ein altes Millenium Transformer mit Roland TD10 Modul, Millenium MPS Becken und VH11 Hihat. Das Set war einfach schlecht vom Triggerverhalten.

Die ist TOP. Nichts wackelt, alles sauber entgratet, Spannböcken etc. sauber verarbeitet und haken nicht.

Wie oben beschrieben hatte ich ein altes Millenium Set. Das Triggerverhalten dort war eine Katastrophe.

Der Trigger ist hier beim Set mittig positioniert (man sieht vier kleine Federn, wenn ich das richtig durchs Meshfell sehe). Die Ansprache ist sehr gut, auch am Rand der Toms/ der Snare.
Trommelwirbel und Blastbeats kommen schnell und sauber an.
Das Gleiche gilt für die Bassdrum.

Die zig vorinstallierten Sets, aber auch die Möglichkeiten der individuellen Anpassbarkeit dürften hier keine Wünsche übrig lassen.

Ich habe mir das Set gekauft, da ich diesen 0815-Look der
E-Drums leid war. Vor allem die BassDrum und das gesamte Finish machen ordentlich was her.

Wichtig: Clutch für Hihat ist dabei. War mir bei der Bestellung nicht ersichtlich.
Ansonsten alles super.
Die Bespielbarkeit des Ride (Becken und Kuppe) sind sehr gut gelöst. Die Crash-Becken sind ebenfalls genau in der Ansprache.
Lediglich die Hihat (Konstruktion) ist etwas "gewöhnungsbedürftig" und kommt nicht an das Spielgefühl und die Genauigkeit einer Roland VH-11 ran.

Viel Schlagzeug mit "Real Feel-Charakter" für verglichen wenig Geld. Rebound = sehr gut. Einziges Manko: Hihat könnte besser gelöst sein.
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