Tama 22" P. Designer Cymbal Bag -WR



  • Designer Collection
  • 20 mm Polsterung
  • verstärkt
  • Schultergurt
  • Tragegriff
  • 3 Unterteiler im Hauptfach
  • 1 Hi-Hat Unterteiler bis 15"
  • Farbe: Wine Red
Erhältlich seit Januar 2019
Artikelnummer 457177
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Typ Tasche
Max. Beckengröße 22"
Max. Beckenanzahl 7
Mit Außentaschen Ja
Mit Trennfächern Ja
Farbe rot
80 €
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In ca. einer Woche lieferbar

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A nice everyday cymbal bag
Alex Krvs 02.12.2020
So, first of all let me start with the color. In real life its a bit faded... less saturated.. but still a nice color and pretty close to the pictures.

I really like how the inside compartments are connected with velcro, so you can take them out and clean them or do whatever you want.
I also like the fact that the cymbal bag is really light, something that you will really appreciate once its full or if you already have a larger and robust cymbal bag.

Like any other shoulder strapped cymbal bag its not comfortable if you want to handle more than 2 or 3 cymbals, especially if you are using heavy ones.

The padding is really cool and the compartments add extra protection to the cymbals. I really feel that if i throw this bag around it will last and it will protect my cymbals.

If this bag was a back pack one, it would honestly be one of the best cymbal bags out there.
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