Roland HP-704 DR



  • Super Natural Piano Modelling Tonerzeugung (unbegrenzte Polyphonie)
  • 88 Tasten PHA-50 Tastatur: Holz-/Kunststoff-Hybrid Struktur mit Druckpunkt und synthetischer Elfenbein-/Ebenholz-Oberfläche
  • 324 Klänge
  • 384 stimmig polyphone
  • Twin Piano Modus
  • Transposer
  • Brilliance
  • Dämpferresonanz
  • Headphones 3D Ambience-Funktion
  • Metronom
  • interner Recorder
  • Aufnahmen speicherbar im Format 0, WAV 44.1 kHz / 16-bit linear
  • externe Speicherung: USB Medien
  • spielbare Software: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0), Audiodaten (WAV 44.1 kHz / 16-bit Linear-Format)
  • LC-Display
  • 3 Pedale
  • Line In (3,5 mm Stereoklinke)
  • Line Out (L/Mono, R)
  • USB to Host
  • USB to Device
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Midi
  • Kopfhörerausgang
  • Acoustic Projection Lautsprecher System : 2x 25 W und 2x 5 W
  • Abmessungen inkl. Notenpult (B x T x H): 1377 x 468 x 1113 mm
  • Gewicht: 59,5 kg
  • Farbe: Dunkles Rosenholz
  • inkl. Netzteil, Tastaturabdeckung, Roland Piano Every Day App
  • 10 Jahre Herstellergarantie
Erhältlich seit September 2019
Artikelnummer 463987
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Farbe Rosenholz
Oberfläche Matt
Anzahl der Tasten 88
Holztastatur Ja
Ivory Feel Tastatur Ja
Druckpunktsimulation Ja
Tastaturabdeckung Ja
Anzahl der Sounds 324
Polyphonie 384
Begleitautomatik Nein
Anzahl der Rhythmen 0
Display Ja
Sequenzer Ja
Lernfunktion Nein
Bluetooth Audio Ja
Bluetooth Midi Ja
Halbpedalfähig Ja
Audioausgänge Ja
Audioeingänge Ja
Midi-Schnittstelle VIA USB
USB to Host Ja
USB to Device Ja
Lautsprecherleistung 2x 25 W
Maße 1377 x 468 x 1113 mm
Gewicht 59,5 kg
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2.049 €
2.442,77 €
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Toller Klang, großer Einrichtungswert
Larusso 08.12.2020
Ich habe mir dieses E-Piano als Nachfolge für mein Yamaha P120 gekauft. Es ist klanglich sehr gut für diese Preislage, sowohl für Klassik als auch Pop / Jazz geeignet . Aufgrund seines schicken Designs hat es auch einen großen Einrichtungswert zu bieten. Die integrierten Übungsmodi sind intuitiv zu bedienen und helfen Anfängern sicher dabei am Ball zu bleiben.
Leider wurde kein Massivholz verarbeitet, was vermutlich in dieser Preislage noch nicht zu erwarten ist.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden!
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My first ""real" piano
TomDD 10.11.2020
I'm a beginner pianist. When I bought this piano, I was playing about 2 years on a MIDI controller (KORG) which I bought to just try playing piano.
This piano changed my life. I had to really learn and play it, since the keys are fully weighted and resemble a real piano (to my newbie knowledge). This was exactly the intention when I bought it: I wanted to play on a digital piano which resembles a real piano as much as possible.

The pros:
- the keys, without a doubt. It feels like they can feel my emotion :)
- the sound: a full and warm sound. I even use the piano as an entertainment system. Yes, it can blast hiphop as well.
- the details: you can hide all the fancy buttons and screen thanks to the cover. The music stand is also nice. There is even a holder for the headphones. Small things which make life easier and make of the piano a pretty sight to see.
- features: I use the usb cable quite a lot for learning apps, the bluetooth also just to play music and there are tons of features left I don't use. Concerning sounds: i mainly just use the standard (4) roland piano sounds. Good enough for me.
- sound recording: you can record your sounds to a midi file or to an audio file (wav).

The cons:
- sometimes a bit hard to figure out all of the features. For example, you can record on a usb stick, but it requires some hidden touches. Also, the usb stick is not readable on a windows computer. It looks like it is formatted for MacOS and is also readable on linux. Haven't got the chance to debug.
- connectivity issues: whenever my ipad is contacted, it interferes with my sustain pedal when my ipad locks. Contacted the vendor, contacted thomann, but they cannot help me. I don't think this is a breaking issue though, I just disconnect my devices.

Once you step into the world of this piano, you cannot go back. I wanted to buy a keyboard to continue learning piano while travelling, but the world of keyboards now disappoint. The feeling, the sound, you instantly miss it when going back to a simple keyboard. Hell, I can't even look my KORG keyboard in the keys. This piano has become a haven and a reason to come home.
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Superb digital piano
iliverez 09.02.2021
I have the piano for a week now. I use it for practice. I am beginner so I can't provide many details.

The build quality is superb. It requires two people to set it up.

The sound is decent for a digital piano. I mostly use it with headphones and the sound via headphones is also good. Key action is very good, quite comparable to a couple of good acoustic pianos that I use now and then (a baby grand Yamaha and a 30s upright Bechstein). It's not too noisy also. I heavily prefer this piano over the Yamaha 735 and 775 that I have tried (just personal preference, not that the Yamahas are not good).

The controls are simple, easy to use and it is a big plus that all the knobs and screen can be hidden. Just pull the lid to the first position and start playing. No buttons and no screens to distract.

Overall, I think it's a very decent instrument that will cover my needs for many years to come.
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Guglielmo C 13.11.2021
Suono eccezionale
Infinite possibilità di regolazione
Sistema ampli- altoparlanti ben calibrato
Tastiera /azione ottima
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