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Moog Sound Studio: DFAM & Subharmon

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Excellent, simply excellent
HJensen, 13.07.2021
This combo of two already classic Moog instruments is wonderful. Everything from the units themselves to the packaging is amazing. It is a pricey product, so even though it is meant for beginners into the modular synthesizer world, I would say that it probably helps to have some prior knowledge before one chooses this (if one wants a Moog and is starting, a Mother 32 or a Grandmother is probably a better option).

But this is a product that will last a lifetime, and provide infinite joy and possibilities. It can be combined with other Moogs and Eurorack products. It is in my opinion worth every penny. But check out YouTube tutorials on the DFAM and Subharmonicon before buying. If these make you intriguied, you will not be disappointed when getting your hands on them.
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Moog Sound Studio: DFAM & Subharmon

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