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Meinl 18" HCS Big Bell Ride


Big Bell Ride Becken

  • HCS Serie
  • Größe: 18"
  • MS63 Mischung
  • kleines Ridebecken mit großer Glocke
  • schnelle Ansprache und kurzes Sustain perfekt für schnelles Metalgrooves wie Blastbeats
Becken handgehämmert Nein
Finish Brilliant / Hochglanz
Legierung Messing
Artikelnummer 496117
79 €
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Very cool and unique ride cymbal
Demonic Sweaters 11.07.2020
I am a drummer/youtuber who really wanted to try this ride in some of my music, so I ordered it from Thomann and had it shipped to the USA. Shipping was very fast and it was packed very well.
Brass cymbals generally are quieter than bronze ones, but in the case of the Big Bell, it actually works to it's advantage. The bell is still very loud, but crashing the edge of the cymbal never gets out of control due to the brass alloy.
The ride has a beautiful and clear ping on the body, and the bell has very unique quality I have not really heard in other cymbals. This works really well in guitar music because it can cut through the mix, or if you just like interesting sounding cymbals, the HCS Big Bell might be for you.
Keep in mind, this is a specialty cymbal and would not make a good general purpose ride cymbal.
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