Marcus Bonna MB-02N Case 2 Trumpets Blue P



  • für 2 Trompeten (Perinetventil)
  • hochwertige Nylon-Gewebe Ausführung
  • sehr stabil, trotz kompakter und leichter Bauweise
  • Außenmaße: 57,0 x 23,0 x 25,0 cm
  • Gewicht: 3,6 kg
  • Farbe: Blau
  • inkl. Rucksacktrageriemen und anpassbarer Innenausstattung
Erhältlich seit August 2009
Artikelnummer 234670
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Material Kunstfasergewebe
Bauart Perinet
439 €
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Solid and Very Well Made Gig Bag
Simon1458 25.06.2014
I like Marcus Bonna trumpet cases. They offer very secure protection for your instument, look great, are beautifully made and well designed. The draw backs are that they are not the lightest gig bag option out there (though it's lighter than a conventional hard case) and they are by no means the cheapest.

This particular one is a very neat option for carrying two trumpets (e.g. Bb & C) in upright top to tail formation. Neat (detachable) shoulder straps and also handles to carry the case upright or horizontally. Small padded pouch for oil, slide grease etc. and padded mouthpiece pouch for two mouthpieces. Front zipped pocket which given the shape of the bag would only fit folded music, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it.

The Marcus Bonna double trumpet flight case is an alternative to consider (make sure you get the correct piston or rotary valve version), but is more expensive. But if you want a simply designed case that will protect your trumpets and which is well made and durable this well worth considering.
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