Korg SV-2 73


Stage Vintage Piano

  • 73 anschlagdynamische Tasten
  • RH3-Tastatur mit Hammermechanik, in vier Zonen graduiert gewichtet
  • Klangerzeugung: EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - eXpanded)
  • Polyphonie: 128 Stimmen
  • Layer- und Split-Sounds mit bis zu 3 Timbres
  • authentischer E-Piano-, Clav- und Orgelsounds inkl. der typischen Nebengeräusche, Vintage Effekte und Boxensimulationen
  • Streicher-, Ensemble-, Bläser-, Chor- und Synthesizer-Sounds
  • 4 Konzertflügel + 2 Upright Pianos
  • 64 Favoritensounds abspeicherbar
  • Effekt-Sektion mit echter Röhren-Drive-Schaltung
  • 2 Line-Ausgänge: XLR symmetrisch / 6,3 mm Klinke unsymmetrisch
  • 2 Line-Eingänge: 6,3 mm Klinke unsymmetrisch
  • Stereo Kopfhörer-Ausgang
  • MIDI Ein- und Ausgang
  • USB
  • 3 Pedal-Eingänge: 6,3 mm Klinke
  • kostenloser SV-2 Editor für PC/MAC
  • Abmessungen (B x H x T): 1143 x 157 x 347 mm
  • Gewicht: 17,2 kg
  • inkl. Korg DS-2H Pedal
  • passender Koffer: Art. 510450 (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Erhältlich seit Februar 2020
Artikelnummer 482539
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Anzahl der Tasten 73
Hammermechanik Ja
Anzahl der Stimmen 128
Anzahl der Sounds 72
Effekte Ja
Lautsprecher Nein
Anzahl der Kopfhöreranschlüsse 1
Sequenzer Nein
Metronom Nein
Masterkeyboard-Funktionen Ja
Pitch Bend Nein
Modulation Wheel Nein
Anzahl der Splitzonen 2
Layerfunktion Ja
MIDI Schnittstelle 1x In, 1x Out
Anschlagdynamik 1
Keyboard Split 1
Tonerzeugung Samplebasiert
Speichermedium Keine
USB Anschluss 1
Anzahl der analogen Ausgänge 2
Pedal Anschlüsse 3
Mitgeliefertes Zubehör Sustainpedal, Notenständer
Maße 1143 x 157 x 347 mm
Gewicht 17,2 kg
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1.959 €
2.549 €
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Sofort lieferbar

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5 Rezensionen

Nices Keyboard mit Vintage Flair und 1a Sound
Daniel121 28.12.2020
Gewünscht hätte ich mir noch symmetrische TRS Ausgänge am Output, leider sind nur die XLR Ausgänge symmetrisch.
Ein Hi-Z Output - falls man doch nen echten Röhrenamp anschließen möchte - wäre sicher auch nicht verkehrt gewesen.
Verarbeitung und Haptik sind top.
Etwas schwerer als das Pendant von Clavia Nord, dafür mit ner 12 AX7 Preamp Röhre für rotzige Overdrives. Gelungenes Konzept.
Ein Keeper.
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I'm in love
adwienc 24.02.2021
I owned the Korg D1 for almost 2 years before pulling trigger on this one, so I knew that I would like the keybed and from all the demos I was certain that the sound is top-class. I wasn't disappointed, SV-2 plays and sounds like a dream, electric-pianos are very lifelike and every variation sounds unique. There are not many sounds overall, but I dare to say that it is the first keyboard I had where all of them are perfectly usable. I am certain that this is the piano that will accompany me for many, many years.

What I like:
• Design, it looks much better in person than on photos
• Sounds
• Every option is accessible via physical knobs and buttons, no menus
• Playing with different effects is just so fun
• Connection options, MIDI, XLR
• Build quality, top part of the casing is made from metal

What I don't like:
• Sustain pedal is just ok
• Launch time is quite long, it takes around 30 seconds after switching Korg on for it to be ready to play
• There is no straight surface to place any synths on top, I'd love to pair Yamaha Reface YC with Korg
• It literally weighs a ton, I can't see myself carrying it for every band practice, but keeping in mind how well it is built I'd say it's justified

This piano plays and feels great but may not be the best for your back
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Sylvanus 22.12.2021
Rien à dire sur le produit, conforme aux attentes. En revanche je suis très déçu par la politique de prix de Thomann. Le produit était à 1399 € avant ma commande, puis il y a eu une rupture temporaire, puis nouveau réapprovisionnement à 1545 € (prix que j'ai payé) et une semaine après le 22/12 le produit est à nouveau à 1399 € sur le site. Sentiment désagréable :-( je n'étais pas habitué à ça de la part de Thomann.
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Great board for classic sounds!
pawelsz 16.05.2021
I expected top-notch tine electric piano sounds and they are great. FM pianos, strings/orchestral sounds are better than I expected. Reed electric pianos are also good. Acoustic pianos with warm character. Many "hidden" sounds which you can access via editor, much more than 72 panel sounds!

- all built-in sounds are even, good quality
- one of the best of hammer-action key actions in 73/76-key boards, in any price range (Korg RH3), has long pivot length for a digital instrument
- great possibilities of sound editing - with hands-on panel knobs and buttons and much deeper via editor
- totally seamless transition between presets (when volume levels are same and amp section is off)
- instrument is sturdy (metal housing, MDF bottom, cheeks are plastic but appear sturdy, too) and unique looking

Little weaknesses or limitations:
- DS-2H sustain pedal could be higher quality (its housing), but works well, there is also possible to use DS-1H as alternative
- sound transition from one preset to the other is not so seamless when volume levels aren't same (but the sound does not cut out like in some other instruments!)
- layers of sound are routed to the whole effects chain, not individual effects, so you cannot put different effects on different layers, but you can bypass a whole FX chain on layers individually. It is enough for most situations.

If those little limitations aren't deal-breakers for you, I strongly recommend SV-2 as simple to use and very warm sounding stage piano, oriented for classic and vintage sounds - tine pianos in particular.
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