Jakob Winter JW 2192 Alto Sax



  • Formetui aus ABS-Kunststoff
  • solider Aluminiumrahmen für hohe Stabilität
  • Formeinsatz mit hochwertiger Samtfütterung
  • Zubehörfach für S-Bogen und Mundstück
  • Trageriemen
  • 2 Schlösser
  • Außenmaße: 68 x 32 x 17 cm
  • Gewicht: 2,20 kg
Erhältlich seit Dezember 2007
Artikelnummer 201299
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Instrument Altsaxophon
Art Formkoffer
Farbe Schwarz
Rucksackgurt Ja
Zubehörfach Nein
Material Kunststoff
189 €
258 €
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Sofort lieferbar

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Soft caze
S@x60 19.08.2011
Un très bon rapport qualité / prix, expédié le mercredi, reçu le vendredi matin,un seul bémol, le rangement mais tout de même l'emplacement pour le bec et le bocal, le reste dans le pavillon.
C'est le prix à payer pour un si bel étui, aucun regret,
Bravo l'équipe THOMMAN pour ma 1ère commande même si le délai a été un peu long dû à une rupture de stock.
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Very good as a light backpak case
funkygoby 18.10.2019
I tend to travel by bike/motorbike and wanted to replace a selmer flight case (not a backpack) with something sturdier and more comfortable

After 2500kms under rain, I give 4 stars.

- Comfort. It's light and sits on the back quite well. You can tighten the straps so the case is high and sticks to your back (impossible to do with a BAM cabine). The upper fixation of the straps are not pushing in the back of your neck (unlike the protec). I crossed 2 countries in 2 days on a motorbike, and only started to feel discomfort after 5 hours on ininterrupted riding. All other cases I (used to) have (sop, alto or tenor) are much less comfortable.
- Feels strong. The plastic is rigid (unlike selmer flight case) and doesn't bend or anything.
- Rain-proof? During the ride, I took heavy rain (completely drenched). The inside of the case was perfectly dry.

- The lining could be much improved. My Mark VI doesn't fits snugly in the case and can move a bit. The part on which the sax sits is hard foam. Once deformed, it keeps the shape. So the fit will get looser over time?
- Only 2 locks. I wish their was at least 3, for peace of mind ... Speaking of the locks, the locking mechanism (with keys) is strange (half the key must be inserted) but assures you that your case won't open on the road.
- No storage. There are slots for mouthpiece and neck but maybe a third one for reeds, rags, extra mouthpiece... could be a good addition.

All in all, I am happy because the case does what you expect it to be.
I wish it had more locks, an extra space and tighter lining
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