Harley Benton CLD-15CE Flame Koa Exotic


Westerngitarre mit Tonabnehmer

  • Bauform: Dreadnought mit Dovetail Neckjoint und Venetian Cutaway
  • Decke: massiv ausgesuchtes AA-Grade Hawaiian Riegelkoa
  • Scalloped X-Bracing
  • Boden und Zargen: Mahagoni
  • Hals: Mahagoni
  • Griffbrett: Pau Ferro
  • Acryl Pearl Snowflake Griffbretteinlagen
  • Halsprofil: C
  • Dual Action Trussrod
  • Mensur: 643 mm
  • Knochensattel
  • Sattelbreite: 43 mm
  • 20 Bünde
  • Matching Headstock
  • schwarzes Binding
  • Pau Ferro Steg
  • schwarze Die Cast Mechaniken mit Mushroom Knöpfen
  • Tonabnehmer: Sonicore mit Fishman Presys II Preamp
  • Werksbesaitung: Daddario XTAPB1253 .012 - .053
  • Farbe: Natur matt
Erhältlich seit April 2021
Artikelnummer 501217
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Decke Koa, massiv
Boden und Zargen Mahagoni
Cutaway Ja
Griffbrett Pau Ferro
Sattelbreite in mm 43,00 mm
Bünde 20
Tonabnehmer Ja
Farbe Natur
Koffer Nein
Inkl. Gigbag Nein
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499 €
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Sofort lieferbar

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Phantastische Gitarre
Ralf15 27.04.2021
Eine tolle Gitarre für einen sehr angemessenen Preis. Gute Verarbeitung, sehr schöner ausgewogener Klang und gute Verarbeitung.
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gianmassone 24.05.2021
Suono da quarant'anni. Ragazzi, questa chitarra suona meravigliosamente! E ancora non l'ho provata amplificata. Suono pieno ed equilibrato, manico scorrevole e facile. Legni bellissimi e naturali. Complimenti HB, questa chitarra è veramente un capolavoro! Provare per credere, vale tutti i soldi spesi e anche molto di più.
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This is truly a great guitar!
Ballers All Star 26.03.2022
Great sound, and look amazing (and smell amazing to).

The only "bad" thing, is just the knobs at the head of the guitar, to tune each string. Its cheap, and should be better at this price i would say. But you have no problem tuning each string. Its just not as fluently like gold hardware at the top. I can even say with no doubt, that the cheapest guitar from also HB which i can compare to, have way better hardware on top to tune each string, which is something silver like (i dont think its real silver).

But again... Its truly a awsome guitar!

The sound from top to bottom is amazing, and the Hawaiian wood is really stunning to look at, smell at, and hear at.

Last thing is, that you need to learn to setup your guitar (all new acoustic need this), or pay for it in a guitar shop. So to new or new´ish guitar players, go on youtube, to see how you lower the action on a guitar. Its really not that difficult. I just did it, and now i have a top notch guitar...

I started to try a little on the tross rod. But thinking back, dont start there. You need to file down the bridge with some sandpaper, so the strings come closer to the fretboard. Go between 2.30/2.50 mm on the thick E string, and 1.80/2.00 mm on the thin E string.

Of cause you can settle with it, as it is. But its not great to play at, when stings are so far from the board. In general all guitars i have had need to be setup before taking it to use. So believe me, look at a few videos and learn to do this, so you have a great guitar, instead of something that could be great, but is just mediocre.

Lastly look at how to intonate your acoustic guitar. You do it at the tross rod, and it takes only a few notches and then its in tune (usually).

Its all very easy to do...
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