Gibson 1964 ES-335 Reissue VB VOS



  • Custom Shop Modell
  • VOS - Vintage Original Spezifikationen
  • laminierter Ahorn/Pappel/Ahorn Korpus
  • Mahagonihals
  • Palisandergriffbrett
  • Small Block Griffbretteinlagen
  • Halsprofil: Authentic '64 Medium "C"
  • Royalite Binding
  • Holly Head Furnier
  • 22 Bünde
  • Mensur: 628 mm
  • Tonabnehmer: 2 unpotted Custombucker Alnico III Humbucker
  • 2 Volume- und 2 Tonregler
  • 3-Wege Schalter
  • CTS Potis
  • Paper-in-oil Kondensatoren
  • ABR-1 Steg und Lightweight Aluminium Tailpiece
  • Nickel Hardware
  • 5-lagiges Pickguard
  • Vintage Doppel Ring Tulip Mechaniken
  • Farbe: Vintage Burst
  • made in USA
  • inkl. Koffer und Zertifikat
Erhältlich seit April 2020
Artikelnummer 486037
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Farbe Sunburst
Korpus Ahorn
Decke Ahorn
Hals Mahagoni
Griffbrett Palisander
Bünde 22
Mensur 628 mm
Tonabnehmerbestückung HH
Tremolo Nein
Inkl. Koffer Ja
Inkl. Gigbag Nein
Limitierung Nein
Modell ES-335
Grundbauform ES-Style
Mehr anzeigen
5.599 €
6.599 €
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Sofort lieferbar

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3 Rezensionen

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Easy like Sunday morning
HappyTree 16.06.2021
They say the 335 can do it all. Seems that it can!

Those tones you have in your head? They are all to be found in this amazing reissue of the quintessential classic guitar in a classic year. This is the one Clapton played, albeit in red.

The neck feels great and the action was perfectly set up by the Thomann team for the 8s I asked to be put on. I like it light. The chords just flow out effortlessly. Easily the smoothest guitar to play I've ever had. You wonder if it's worth the extra outlay to go for the custom shop reissue. I mean, how much better can it be? And when you pick it up you understand. It has "the magic", whatever that is.

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to acquire the 59 Les Paul reissue from Thomann as well. Same pickups. Same electrics. Same neck, essentially. So the difference in sound between that solid body mahogany and this 335's maple-poplar semi-acoustic body is therefore just down to the bodies. And they do indeed sound and play very differently.

To use the technical terms we musicians often employ, the LP sounds more juicy. More attack immediately in the note. The note does feel more solid in the hand. And this 335 sounds more airy, more hollow. Which it should, I guess, since that's what it is physically. The chords feel more delicate.

One surprise was just how much top end there is. It really can bite. It has nylon saddles but they don't seem to make any difference to the sound in themselves. When I use the same amp settings as I use for the LP, this 335 really benefits from backing the tone off a little to get that blusey ambiance.

This is probably the best guitar I have ever played. Period. And Thomann service is as reliable as ever. Many thanks!
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A dream come true !
Gibson ES-335 Michiel 27.12.2020
This guitar is a dream come true. It is a perfect piece of craftsmanship. The build quality is flawless and it plays effortless. At first i had my mind set on the 1961 model because of the slim neck but this neck turns out to be fine for my hand. My hands are medium size and this neck is medium size as well.
The sound is amazing and i am glad i spend more time saving up money for this guitar instead of going for the 'standard' ES-335. It is absolutely worth it. I want one or two guitars, not a wish list of 15 guitars in the 'cheaper' range on top of the 5 i already have in an endless search for what i need.

I hope for everyone for who this guitar is a dream, that dream will come true also. It was definitely worth the many months waiting and i must say, Thomann's service and communication during this period was excellent. I hope i wasn't too impatient !

Thank you Thomann and thank you Gibson for this incredible piece of work !
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