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Fidelius HK-6 Stag Beetle Violin 6-str


6-saitige Violine

  • mit extravaganter Hirschkäfer Korpusform
  • Wittner Feinstimmwirbel
  • Saitenhalter mit 6 Feinstimmern
  • Fidelius Stegtonabnehmersystem mit eingelassenem piezokeramischem Abnahmesystem
  • eingebauter Vorverstärker für aktive Tonabnahme mit Miniklinkenbuchse
  • Kopfhörereingang
  • Mic-Eingang
  • 9V Batterie
  • zusätzliche passive 6,3 mm Klinkenbuchse
  • Ebenholzobersattel
  • Ebenholzuntersattel
  • Ebenholzgriffbrett und Ebenholzkinnhalter
  • Walnusskorpus mit Ahorneinlagen
  • passive Elektronik mit 6,3 mm Klinkenbuchse
  • Stimmung: F-C-G-D-A-E
Anzahl der Saiten 6
Griffbrett Ebenholz
Korpus Walnuss mit Ahorn
Wirbel Metall / Kunststoff
Kinnhalter Ebenholz
Hals Walnuss
Inkl. Tasche Nein
Inkl. Koffer Nein
Inkl. Bogen Nein
Inkl. Schulterstütze Nein
Inkl. 4 Feinstimmer Ja
Erhältlich seit April 2019
Artikelnummer 454107
Größe 4/4
Elektronik Aktiv
Mehr anzeigen
2.248 €
Versandkostenfrei und inkl. MwSt.
Auf Anfrage
Auf Anfrage

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An amazing instrument that deserves more recognition!
SteveViolin 23.10.2020
I'm a professional violinist and have used many electric violins over the years. However a 6-string instrument is rather a speciality and needs to offer not only good sound and build quality, but also ease of use.

The Fidelius HK-6 offers all of this: The key thing for me is that care has been taken in the spacing of the strings and the curvature of the fingerboard, making this instrument far more playable than other 6-string violins I have tried.

Perhaps the beetle design might take some getting used to, and may not be to everyone's taste, but I rather like it, and absolutely love the inlaid wood which gives a very striking appearance.

The pickup quality seems excellent, and I have no issues with the sound the instrument produces: I use it mostly for live-looped arrangements, but will also be using it as a solo instrument in 2021, with some major concert appearances planned when - and if - the current pandemic subsides and life returns more towards normality!

A 6-string electric violin is definitely not for everyone, and I would only suggest it for those players who really want to explore the additional range it offers. It is very different o play than a standard 4-string instrument, but it can offer some unusual and interesting opportunities for your music making!

If you want to go 6-string I would not hesitate to recommend this instrument.
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