Squier Aff. Jazzmaster Burg. Mist



  • Korpus: Pappel
  • geschraubter Hals: Ahorn
  • Griffbrett: Lorbeer
  • Pearloid Dot Griffbretteinlagen
  • Halsprofil: C
  • Mensur: 648 mm (25,51")
  • Griffbrettradius: 241 mm (9,49")
  • Sattelbreite: 42 mm (1,65")
  • synthetischer Knochensattel
  • 21 Medium Jumbo Bünde
  • Tonabnehmer: 2 Keramik Single Coils
  • Master Volume- und Master Tonregler
  • 3-Wege Schalter
  • 3-lagiges weißes Schlagbrett
  • 2-Punkt synchronized Tremolo mit Block Saitenreitern
  • geschlossene DieCast Mechaniken mit Split Schäften
  • Chrom Hardware
  • Werksbesaitung: NPS .009 - .042
  • Farbe: Burgundy Mist
Erhältlich seit Juli 2021
Artikelnummer 516416
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Farbe Burgund
Korpus Pappel
Hals Ahorn
Griffbrett Laurel
Bünde 21
Mensur 648 mm
Tonabnehmerbestückung SS
Tremolo Ja
Inkl. Koffer Nein
Inkl. Gigbag Nein
Grundbauform Jazzmaster
Decke Keine
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229 €
299,99 €
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Squier Jazzmaster
Yazz 24.12.2021
Ich war überrascht, dass es endlich mal wieder einen Jazzmaster von Squier gibt und habe mich dazu entschieden, diesen zu bestellen. Die Gitarre kam wohlbehalten bei mir an. Der Sound ist klasse, die Bespielbarkeit ist gut. Absolute Kaufempfehlung für Alle, die schon immer mal eine Jazzmaster haben wollten!
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I am satisfied
Plastic 12.08.2021
I am a Jazzmaster aficionado. I own Fender CIJ Jazzmaster, Squier J Mascis, Vintage modified as well as the original Vintage modified with hardtail bridge and now this one. Overall I think the guitar is great.
I see many people claiming the pickups are P90's, but they don't sound like P90's to me. There is no that mid range honk nor muddiness I associate with P90's. It certainly has that Jazzmaster vibe in the sound and I feel no need to replace them. For example I couldn't stand the sound of J Mascis pickups as those had that P90's characteristics so I swapped them immediately with SD's. These sound good to me. They are a bit hot which suits me, and they take all type of drives very well. They don't clean up as good as my other guitars, I don't know if this is due to ceramic magnets or simply the volume pot.
The neck feels great and the fretwork is very good. It's a bit wider than any of the other JM's in my collection, but I like that. It's satin on the back so it feels very smooth to play. I can feel the skunk stripe as if they didn't sand it down perfectly. I don't feel it when I play, but when feeling the neck with a hand gently, so it doesn't bother me - but I removed one star from quality for this reason.
Tuners work smoothly. I had problems keeping it in tune with the original strings because there were not enough windings around the tuning pegs (I presumed). I put new strings with more windings, stretched the strings properly and stability is much better now. Still not perfect - G and B still go slightly flat after bends, but that's normal for this type of tremolo. You could still finish the song and be pretty much in tune. I set it up so that pressing the tremolo bar slightly down brings it back in perfect tune. Note that Fender tuners do not fit as a drop in replacement due to different pins positioning.
Body is a little bit thinner and the guitar is very light.
Pickup selector switch is oriented from left to right rather than up-down. It can't be easily mended (to up-down) because the body cavity doesn't have enough room to rotate the switch to your desired position.
I am satisfied.
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