Cranborne Audio 500ADAT


8-Slot Rack für 500er Module

  • mit integriertem 8 In / 8 Out ADAT-Expander
  • 8 I/O Kanäle mit XLR
  • 8 Kanal diskret-analoger Summierer
  • Referenz-AD/DA-Wandler
  • 8 In / 8 Out ADAT
  • zusätzlicher Insert pro Kanal
  • individuelles Signalrouting
  • Bypass-Schalter pro Kanal
  • C.A.S.T.-System zur Übertragung von 4 symmetrischen, analogen Audiokanälen über eine Cat5-Leitung
  • Wandler-Dynamikumfang: 121 dB(A) nach AES17, 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Frequenzgang: -1 dB, 2,2 Hz bis > 80 kHz
  • THD+N: <0,00032% (-110 dB) @ 4 dBfs, 1 kHz (A-gewichtet)
  • Abmessungen (B x H x T): 481 x 185 x 219 mm
  • Gewicht: 6,4 kg
Erhältlich seit März 2021
Artikelnummer 514748
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Pre-Amp Nein
48 V Phantomspeisung Nein
Kompressor Nein
Limiter Nein
Equalizer Nein
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Rack/Frame Ja
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kleine mankos, viel spaß
shermanlover 19.05.2021
manko: potis, schalter wirken suuuper cheap!
aber fällt nicht ins gewicht wenn ihr die summierungsoption nicht braucht.
ACHTUNG: zB nicht alle heritage audio '73 JR passen rein. das liegt am slot bypass schalter schräg über dem steck slot.
manche 500er module mit gehäuße welches über den stecker reicht stehen an diesem schalter an.

lässt sich sehr toll in den in-the-box workflow integrieren.
ein adat kabel ins interface und 8x(bei 48kHz) 500er module deiner wahl mit wenigen klicks verfügbar.
dazu die analog (no latency) submix kopfhörer optionen, für live recording anwendungen sehr nützlich.
sehr toll auch: jeder slot kann zum benachbarten slot analog weitergeleitet werden, was aber den sound in der digitalisierung des urspr slots nicht mindert. bei rein analogen 500er gehäusen geht das ja meines wissens nach nicht - zumindest nicht bei zB radial cube; da geht pegel an slot 1 output verloren wenn man an slot 2 weiterleitet..

weiter: 500adat optimal um signale mit guten pre's deiner wahl direkt zu digitalisieren und gleichzeitig analog weiterzusenden(jeder kanal hat ja auch analog out) um sie in zB externe racks, mixer, pedals, younameit weiterzubearbeiten..

bin kein ultra critical listening profi aber die wandler machen einen guten eindruck.
verarbeitung: kippschalter und vor allem pan-potis wirken suuuper cheap.ich hatte mir von manufactured in uk mehr erwartet.
ansonsten tiptop!!!!
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500adat multi option LB rack
Snoboy 21.05.2022
Cranborne have really thought this one through in regards versatility. With ADAT it opens up options and increases inputs as well as being built like a tank too! I would recommend this if you are looking for a solid 500 series rack loaded with extras. Top marks Cranborne!
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I really dig this thing.
Billy Lundevall 11.01.2023
For me, a guy who works with sound as a hobby, this is an expensive unit. This a point that is likely rendered mute for anybody who works with this stuff professionally or semi-professionally.

With that out of the way, I love this product. It is intuitive to use, has any and all input and output options I could ever need and every time I think "could I?", I can. I currently have it running as an effect processor and vocal recording chain while hooked up to my home studio, and as a live rig for vocals when taking it on the go.

I'm not the guy who will be able to give you the most detailed breakdown, or the professional's perspective but here would be some of my pros and cons.

+ Plays super nicely with Focusrite interfaces, I run it with my Clarett 8pre, and aside from some faulty settings that were my fault, it was basically plug-and-play.

+ Easily runs multiple effect chains at once. You can chain any number of units that fit in it, stop the chain at any point, and have single units and/or other chains in the following slots. Great for setting up two individual live vocal chains, for example.

+ You can record a signal from any unit, chained or not/any unit at any part of a chain into your DAW. Perfect when for example running a compressor on vocals, but want the uncompressed signal recorded as a backup.

+ Controls are super easy. I, as a complete noob who has never used outboard analog gear figured it out immediately by just looking at it. No fuzz. Just throw a switch to the mode you want, chain it or don't. Done.

+ Allows you to use all 8 slots at once while still keeping all the inputs usable of the Focusrite Clarett 8 / 18i20 as long as it's configured to run 44.1 or 48khz. This was just a thing I assumed would work without looking into it, but do keep in mind that you need 4 optical ports (2 in, 2 out) on your interface to run all 8 slots if you intend to record in sample rates higher than 48khz. The Focusrite Clarett 8pre and 18i20 only have 2 and will only have all ins and outs available at 44.1 and 48khz.

- Being a separate unit from the R8. I understand that being an ADAT or an Audio interface requires different stuff inside, but I personally had a near meltdown over what unit to choose between these two and if one unit could act as both for a higher cost, I would have picked that one any day of the week.

- Separate power brick. All other rack units I have come with the power supply built-in, this one comes with a hefty box that needs to be stuffed somewhere. I have a hunch this may have been done to avoid signal interference, but that is just a guess. Regardless, it's a bit of a hassle.

- (Nitpick) The knobs on it feel different depending on what they do. I assume this is simply due to some being analog, some digital, various types, etc. But some of them feel premium, others feel kinda crappy. I wish they were all smooth, consistent, and had that nice level of resistance.

In conclusion, I really like this product and how it integrates digital connectivity with analog gear. It's really fun to use.
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