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Avid Pro Tools Carbon


DSP Audiointerface für Pro Tools

  • 8 HDX DSP Prozessoren (2.8 GHz)
  • 32 Bit / 192 kHz
  • Dynamikumfang (A-gewichtet): 120 dB
  • THD+N (0,0003%): -110 dB
  • Frequenzbereich (±0,1 dB): 20 - 20000 Hz
  • Abmessungen: 19“ / 1HE
  • Systemvoraussetzungen: Pro Tools 2020.11, MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 oder später, Ethernet-Anschluss oder Adapter von Thunderbolt auf Ethernet
  • inkl. Pro Tools Standard Software (1-Jahreslizenz mit Upgrade-Plan) und umfangreichem Softwarepaket (Download), Netzkabel, Ethernet-Kabel, Rackschrauben und Gummifüßen


  • 8 Combo-Eingänge (XLR/Klinke, symmetrisch), 4 davon mit Variable Z
  • 8 Line-Eingänge (25-pin D-Sub symmetrisch)
  • 2 Variable Z Instrumenteneingänge an der Vorderseite (6,3 mm Klinke, unsymmetrisch)
  • 8 Line-Ausgänge (25-pin D-Sub, symmetrisch)
  • 2 Monitorausgänge (6,3 mm Klinke, symmetrisch)
  • 4 Kopfhörerausgänge an der Vorderseite (6,3 mm Klinke), 200 mW an 32 Ohm
  • ADAT Ein-/Ausgänge: 16 Kanäle @ 44.1 - 96 kHz und 8 Kanäle @ 176.4 - 192 kHz
  • Word Clock Ein-/Ausgang
Thunderbolt 2/3 Nein
USB 3 Nein
Ethernet Ja
PCI-Express Nein
Firewire Nein
Audio Ein- und Ausgänge Ja
Systemerweiterung Nein
Expresscard Nein
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ProTools Carbon - New Studio Heart!
DavidJBrown 14.04.2021
I've ditched my HDX Card, all my Focusrite I/O Gear, Monitor Controller, Headphone Amp, Big Rack Cabinet and replaced it with 1U ProTools Carbon! (I've even made a profit by selling the gear its replaced. I've also gained 5U of rack space.

I installed it from my Avid account and it pretty much configured itself once I selected it as Playback Engine in Pro Tools. Done.

It has all my synths going in, a couple convenient instrument inputs on the front and 4 headphones out which I am using for headphones but have also assigned a pair to use for a second pair of monitors which are in front of my synths. The main monitors are powered from the back.

It looks good and I have to say, I notice an improvement in my overall sound production. It doesn't show any signs of stress at all when running ProTools.

It does kick out a fair bit of heat which despite the special air flow fans inside it is said to have but it is probably not as much heat as all the units combined that I have just removed. So it is not big enough of an issued to warrant further comment but it will kick out some heat, beware.

A great bit of kit at an absolutely crazy price considering what it does. My set up shrunk and it is easier to configure now, since all I am doing is selecting it as my audio interface in ProTools and then plugging in instruments and monitors and thats it. Nothing else!

Crazy good and definitely a way forward, love the hybrid function not that I have had to do anything to use it as it is just automatic.
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