Stairville Tour Stage Platform 2x1m ODW


Stage Platform 2 x 1 m ODW

  • For outdoor use
  • Without legs
  • The lightweight and extremely stable stage platform of the "Tour Stage" series makes it a great basis for stages of all kinds
  • Suitable as platform for musicians, bands, orchestras or even in the theater and conference applications
  • Ease of use and an ergonomic profile make this stage construction a pleasant and efficient addition
  • A high load capacity of 750 kg / m means the Tour Stage platform is a suitable choice for many requirements

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 9 cm
  • Surface: Weather resistant plywood panel with HEXA anti-slip coating
  • Max. load: 750 kg / m²
  • Feet inserts: 60 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 33 kg
K dostání od Listopad 2012
Číslo produktu 295737
Prodejní jednotka 1 ks
System type Tour Stage
Dimensions per single platform 200 x 100 cm
Surface in sqm 2
Outdoor Capable Yes
With carpet surface No
including legs No
max. load [kg/m²] 750 kg/m²
9 099 Kč
Cena vč. DPH nezahrnuje poštovné 255 Kč
Množstevní sleva
Cena za kus Ušetříte Množství
9 099 Kč 1
8 955 Kč 1,6% 2
8 741 Kč 3,9% 4
8 595 Kč 5,5% 6
8 390 Kč 7,8% 12
8 222 Kč 9,6% 20
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56 Recenze

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Solidly built, easy to use stage.
HarveyMGB 19.03.2018
Purchased 21 of these panel to make various size stages.

The panels are lightweight but strong; they can easily be carried by one person, a massive advantage over steeldeck stage. The legs fit in easily, and the whole stage can be constructed by hand with no need for tools.

The stage clips we purchased worked well to hold the stage together when assembled, however they do not provide enough strength to move two panels together; they only hold it in place when constructed. The stage can be a bit slippery on certain floors, however once three or four panels are joined the weight of the stage will prevent it from moving around. The anti-slip coating on the top is good when wearing any type of footwear.

The stage is similar in design to Alustage products, and parts can be interchanged between the two. The stairs made by Mott fit to the stage well as well.

Overall, its a very well-built stage that will hopefully last for many years to come.
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Very Well Made Product, Excellent Value
Andrew206 28.04.2017
I use the 2 x 1m Stairville Tour Stage Platform with 100cm legs for DJ equipment (CDJ's and Mixers) at festivals and dance events. It's a perfect size, looks great, is very well made and excellent value for money, compared to similar products of other competitors in the staging field.
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Good Quality
Chris5663 01.05.2014
We have brought 6 of these so far and now intend to buy many more. The item is built well and light to move around. the Finnish looks good and doesn't need covering.
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praktisch, passend, stabil
Zophian 23.07.2021
Was kann man mehr erwarten, ich denke nicht viel, denn die Stage wirkt mit der von mir gewählten Version von 3 x 2 x 1 Meter wie eine Bühne und ist für das Auge entsprechend nett anzusehen.
Der Aufbau war einfach und gut mit 2 Personen zu handhaben.
Einzig das Gewicht von jeweils 33 KG ist allein eher unpraktisch und nur schwierig zu bewältigen.
Die Aufbauzeit betrug insgesamt mit auspacken ca. 25 Minuten, was ich durchaus ok finde.

Verarbeitung ist sehr gut, wirkt praktisch wie für die Ewigkeit gemacht.
Durch die Zusamenstellung meiner Wahl (20 cm Beine, Rollen, Verbinder) extrem flexibel und hochwertig einzusetzen.

Beide Daumen hoch :-)
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