Stairville Retro Flat Par 18x10W RGBWA UV


RGBWA UV LED Spotlight

  • Combines the classic PAR 64 housing with the compact design of a flat PAR
  • Ideal for up-lighting or rigs with limited space
  • 18 Bright 10 watt 6-in-1 LEDs provide sufficient power even for stages or clubs
  • Interchangeable lens unit offers the right beam angle for every application
  • Robust housing and temperature-controlled fan for professional use
  • Compatible IR remote control: Article no. 354223 (not included)
  • Suitable 4-in-1 case: Article no. 497034 (not included)

Technical specifications:

  • Light source: 18 piece 6-in-1 10 W RGBWA UV LED
  • Beam angle: 25° (interchangeable lens unit, optionally available in 40°: Article no. 404379)
  • Light output (lux at 1 m distance): 20,750 total
  • LED refresh rate: 4000 Hz
  • Control: DMX 512 (6 / 8 / 10 channels)
  • Selectable DMX fail option
  • Automatic mode
  • Sound control
  • Static colours
  • 14 Internal programs
  • Display with four buttons
  • Dimmer: 0 - 100% (dimmer curve adjustable)
  • Electronic shutter: 0 - 20 Hz
  • DMX input and output: XLR 3-pin
  • Power input and output: Power Twist
  • Black metal housing with double bracket
  • Fan-cooled (temperature-controlled)
  • Power consumption: 160 watts
  • Power Twist connection
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V AC @ 50 - 60 Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H - with bracket facing upwards): 270 x 265 x 285 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 kg

More information:

  • Flat PAR design
  • Number of LEDs: 18
  • Power of each LED: 10 W
  • Colour mixture: RGBAWUV
  • LED type: x-in-1
  • Base housing: Yes
  • Fanless: No
  • Remote control optional
  • Wireless DMX: No
  • Housing colour: Black

LED PAR for great colours and UV light

The Stairville Retro Flat PAR 18x10W RGBWA UV is an exceptionally bright LED spotlight in a classic PAR housing. It is characterised by its powerful LEDs and an optionally available interchangeable lens.

It differs from the Retro Flat PAR 18x12W RGBW in that it has an even better colour mix thanks to amber diodes and UV light with somewhat weaker LEDs. There is also a socket for a colour filter frame.

This PAR is designed for indoor use. Power Twist sockets ensure a tight fit for the mains cable. Thanks to a double bracket, the PAR can be suspended or used as an uplight. The housing is so short that it makes do with very little space, and despite the power, the Stairville Retro Flat Par 18x10W RGBWA UV is one of the lightest in its price class.

Interchangeable lenses and excellent colour mixes

In the robust metal housing, no less than 18 powerful 10 Watt RGB WA UV LEDs provide radiant power in all mixable colours. The PAR is operated via DMX control, with menu buttons on the display or with an optionally available remote control. This requires visual contact with the infrared receiver mounted centrally between the lenses. Those who opt for DMX control can choose between 6, 8 or 10 channel mode. 14 automatic programmes are pre-installed, a sound control as well as a master-slave mode are available. The spotlight has a beam angle of 25°, while an optionally available interchangeable lens allows for wide 40°. The built-in fan is temperature-controlled. The power consumption is 160 watts.

For event organisers and rental companies

The Retro Flat Par 18x10W RGBWA UV from Stairville is an all-rounder with the classic look of a PAR can. Operators of concert stages and multifunctional event venues thus get a decorative spotlight with a wide range of applications. In medium-sized clubs and locations, the spotlight can show its strengths to best advantage. The UV light provides theatre stage operators and discotheque owners with an additional special effect. The narrow beam of light enables targeted use on the backdrop or portal. Thanks to the power out, multiple sockets can even be saved, while rental companies benefit from the low weight of the Retro Flat PAR 18x10W RGBWA UV when transporting it. And if, for example, a special colour is required for a video shoot, the mount for a PAR 64 colour filter frame can be used.

About Stairville

Since its introduction in 1994, Thomann's own brand Stairville has established itself as a permanent fixture in the music store's product range. The label primarily serves everything that has to do with stage lighting in the broadest sense. This includes spotlights, moving light, theatre lighting, but also fog machines, control electronics and every other conceivable accessory. Thomann always has around 1,600 products under the Stairville brand name in its range, and more than successfully: statistically, every fifteenth Thomann customer has at least one Stairville product at home. By the way, the name "Stairville" is a smart translation of the Thomann home Treppendorf into English.

Designing stage and hall in the same colour concept

With the Stairville Retro Flat Par 18x10W RGBWA UV, not only stages can be illuminated, but also the hall or entrance area can be provided with decorative accents. In this way, the entire location can also be designed in a uniform colour concept. In the entrance area, for example, two spotlights in the club's logo colour can be placed as uplights on the double brackets next to the door. When you enter the foyer, you are bathed in dimmed light of the same colour. Thanks to the interchangeable lenses, the light shines down the walls in wider cones. In the hall and behind the bar, this wall lighting can be continued. All in all, only four DMX addresses are needed: one for the entrance, the next for the foyer, one for the bar and the fourth for the hall lighting.

K dostání od Červenec 2017
Číslo produktu 404358
Prodejní jednotka 1 ks
Construction Type Flat PAR
Number of LEDs 18
power of the single LED 10 W
Colour Mixing RGBAWUV
LED Type x-in-1
Floor housing Yes
Fanless No
remote control Optional
wireless DMX No
Housing Colour Black
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6 599 Kč
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15 Recenze

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Can't argue for the price!
Richard269 11.07.2019
These have a massive light output and are very flexible in terms of colour mixing. The fan is slightly noisy but not excessive and switches in and out rather than running continuously. Quality is average, and the dimming isn't as smooth as a conventional lamp, but given the light massive output and features, I would not criticise.

All in all if you want really bright versatile colours at a bargain price, I'd recomment this product!
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Super Lampe
Stefan723 05.09.2017
Als Tonler hab ich zwar nicht die große Erfahrung mit Licht, aber die erste Bewertung schreibe ich trotzdem gerne.

Ich war auf der Suche nach Frontlicht für eine kleine Band. Die Lampen sollten 40° abdecken, da wird die Auswahl sehr klein. Dank der optionalen erhältlichen Linsen aber kein Problem. Das macht den Scheinwerfer sehr flexibel.
Die Verarbeitung und Haptik ist einwandfrei. Das Menü ist einfach und übersichtilich.

Nun zum Licht:
Zum Vergleich hatte ich ein paar LED-Scheinwerfer der ähnlichen und günstigeren Preisklasse.
Fazit: Sehr überzeugend. Sehr hell und viel natürlicher als viele andere LED-Scheinwerfer.
Hab mir gleich noch einen zweiten bestellt. Das reicht dann locker für eine kleine Band als Frontlicht.
Um das warme Licht eines herkömmlichen Leuchtmittels zu erreichen, ist das weiße Licht zu hell im Vergleich zum Amber - oder Amber zu dunkel. Da musste ich mit dem Weiß runterfahren, um warmes Licht zu erhalten (meiner Meinung nach).
Das UV-Licht ist natürlich nicht wirklich stark, aber für den einen oder anderen coolen kleinen Effekt ausreichend.

Also insgesamt eine sehr gelungene Lampe.

Einziger Kritikpunkt:
Bei beiden Lampen die ich habe, funktioniert Sound-to-light überhaupt nicht. Es blinkt immer irgendwas, aber nicht im Takt der Musik (und bleibt bei Stille auch nicht stehen). Vielleicht bin ich ja zu blöd, aber ich brauch eh nur DMX, deswegen hab ich nicht lange probiert.
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bon projecteur
Eric V. 08.04.2018
EN recherche de projecteur LED pas trop cher, je me suis dirigé vers ce modele Stairville. J'avais un modele en puissance et conception proche de chez Electroconcept mais en plus cher.
Le fait d'avoir trouvé chez THomann ce nouveau modele de chez Stairville va me permettre de faire des economies et d'avoir surtout la super garantie de 3 ans de chez Thomann.

Donc ensuite l'ajout de l'Ambre est un gros plus, surtout pour les spectacles de danse artistique. Avec un LED normal rouge vert bleu blanc, tout ce qui est orange ambre était compliqué à avoir.
Là c'est top !
Coté puissance cela fonctionne bien. (Meme puissance que les Q188 de chez Electroconcept)
Pour couvrir correctement une scene de 14m X 10, il faut 24 projecteurs. 3 lignes de 8.
Ce qui permet avec ce petit nombre d'avoir toutes les couleurs en contre ! Donc ultra positif !

Prises speakon pratique coté alimentation électrique.

Poids et encombrement pratique !
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Stairville Retro Flat Par 18x10W RGBWA UV
snaky 28.07.2019
Geweldige lamp, met indrukwekkende output.

Gekocht in plaats van de 50W hex lampen van ADJ. Geeft dezelfde kleuren, echter met strakkere beam en meer lumen.

- heb ik niet ( nog )
+ 18x10w en dat zie je
+ powercon in en true
+ lichtgewicht
+ ziet er uit als een conventionele par
+ voetje, dus ook uplight kan je doen

zeer degelijke lamp, voor erg weinig in dit segment.
Aanrader van ons !!!
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