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Presonus Eris E3.5


Active Studio Monitors

  • 3.5" Woofer with Kevlar cone
  • 1" Tweeter with silk cone
  • Frequency range: 80 - 20,000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 100 dBA SPL (peak)
  • Inputs: TRS jacks (L/R symmetrical)
  • RCA pair (L/R)
  • Treble control
  • Bass control (-6 to +6dB each)
  • Front-side AUX input (stereo mini jack) for smartphone etc.
  • Front-side headphone jack (stereo mini jack)
  • Front-side volume control with on/off switch and status LED
  • Class AB power amplifier (2x 25 W sine)
  • Shielded against HF interference
  • Switch-on delay and output current limiter
  • Overheating protection and subsonic filter
  • Includes mini jack cable (TRS to TRS), 1.5 m, adapter cable (mini jack TRS to 2 x RCA), 1.5 m and connecting cable from left speaker to right speaker
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 210 x 141 x 162 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
Speaker size 1x 3,5", 1x 1"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 25 W
Magnetic Shielding No
Analogue XLR Input No
Analogue Input (Jack) Yes
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) Yes
Analogue Input (RCA) Yes
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction Yes
K dostání od Leden 2018
Číslo produktu 429470
Frequency range min. 80 Hz
Frequency range max. 20000 Hz
Dimensions 141 x 210 x 162 mm
Weight 2,9 kg
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Bassreflex
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Dodání přibližně v rozmezí Středa, 8.12.Čtvrtek, 9.12.
108 pozorovatelů
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V cenové kategorii perfektní zvuk
Petr Jimi 12.03.2021
Plastové provedení nebrání tomu, aby byly Presonius Eris E3.5 dobře hrající bedny, dobře podají i střední basy a při nižší úrovni hlasitosti hrají pořád dobře. sluchátkový výstup hodně zkresluje a mikorfonní vstup je o dost tišší než by mohl, ale to vše v rámci ceny může být opomenuto
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Pro začátečníky a nenáročné v pohodě
dalmincz 17.06.2020
Koupil jsem tyto reproduktory, protože jsou levné a teprve začínám s úpravou zvuku. A nemám s nimi problém. Jsem spokojení s tolika možnostmi vstupů. Líbí se mi aux vstup a sluchátkový výstup. Nejsou ani tak velké.
Pro začátečníky a hráče jsou dostačující.
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Good, but only lasted 3 years
One Man Band 03.08.2021

These are indeed a pair of nice casual monitors - it wouldn't be sufficient for all your mixing/mastering needs, but it works fantastically as a pair of tracking monitors or playback speakers for your virtual instruments. They are superb for watching movies at your home studio.


However, they only lasted 3 years for me. Strange noise started to appear from one week ago, which sounds like a piece of paper placed directly on top of the speakers that resonates and vibrates with the speakers when they are playing any sound. Then, a couple of days later, a constant high-pitched coil whine appeared, even when no sound is being played back and all the cables disconnected (except the power cable of course).

It seems very strange to me: the monitors look very sturdy, and since I keep them very close to my ears, I have never played any overly loud audio through them. I have in my studio way cheaper and less sturdy-looking gears that have already been used daily for more than 5 years (shoutout to t.bone and Behringer).


Anyways, this is definitely not your buy-it-for-life kind of product. The guarantee expires after 3 years, so consider it as a 3-year subscription to an entry-level studio speaker that looks nice on your desktop. I am looking into getting a pair of more professional monitors - the Eris will serve you well until you graduate from the entry-level class.
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Bohužel se vyskyla chyba. Zopakujte protím tuto akci později.
Fantastic studio monitors
K.Kay 09.03.2020
I wanted a pair of monitors for my small home studio, and I’m very happy that I choose the eris 3.5.

These monitors provide excellent clarity during mixing due to very detailed midrange frequencies. There is some adjustment on the back for the low and high frequencies to adjust the sound based on your room space which is a feature that you can find in more expensive studio monitors.

The sound is very organic thanks to the Kevlar 3.5 inch woofers. I cannot find any flaws both in sounds or in construction as these are pretty solid. They slightly lack on low frequencies due to smaller main woofer but the bass they provide is very detailed without being muddy. This is a matter of personal preference but those who need more bass they can go with the eris 5 or buy a separate subwoofer. Personally I love how they sound l wouldn’t change anything.

Those who have a small home studio that they don’t want to invest in large and expensive monitors this is the right choice for you.
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