Laserworld DS-3000RGB ShowNet (2021)


Laserworld DS-3000RGB ShowNet (2021) with integrated ShowNET network interface; "Pure Diode" RGB laser system with semiconductor diodes and a guaranteed total output of 3000 mW; Red: 650 mW / 638 nm, green: 900 mW / 520 nm, blue: 1600 mW / 450 nm; analog modulation; ILDA; DMX; approx. 3 mm / 0.9 mrad (full angle), max. 40kpps @ 8° ILDA, max. 50° scan angle; Scan safety; Interlock: RJ45 In / Out; Push buttons to invert the X / Y axes; Power connection: Power Twist In / Out; Power supply: 85V - 250 V / AC 50/60 Hz internal PSU; Power consumption: 80 W; Weight: 4,5 kg; Showeditor full version software license included.

Colors RGB
Laser Classification 4
Animations-Laser Yes
Grating-Laser No
output more then 1000
Analogue Modulation Yes
K dostání od Květen 2021
Číslo produktu 517702
Prodejní jednotka 1 ks
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1 185 € 28 940,43 Kč
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Dostupný v krátkém čase (ca. 2-5 dní)

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Bright laser with alot of features, but suffers from some fundamental flaws
Sqvirrel 09.09.2021
Very bright laser with alot of features through its onboard ShowNET interface. Good value for money.

BEWARE: There is a BIG caveat that must be adressed:
This (or very least, my) laser can't show the ILDA test pattern(12/30kpps) correctly at 30kpps/8(blue circle becomes a spiral), but shows it correctly at 20kpps. Also, several patterns are projected correctly at 20kpps, but not 30kpps.
The laser is marketed as capable of 40kpps. This is either a lie, or the scanners are, in fact, tuned for 20kpps, even if the galvos are capable of 40kpps. I have asked laserworld(e-mail) about this, but still havent gotten a decent answer. I will update this review if they clarify this issue.
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