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Jazzlab saXholder PRO XL


Saxophone Holder

  • For baritone sax, tenor sax, alto sax and soprano sax
  • Spreads the weight of the saxophone equally over both shoulders
  • No strain on the cervical vertebrae
  • Quick to operate with one hand
  • Space-saving: Smaller than a sheet of paper when folded
  • Comfortable sitting and standing
  • Does not slip
  • Uses materials from the aerospace and space industries: Made of fibre-reinforced high-performance plastic with aircraft aluminium shoulder straps, bracket padding made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), Dyneema drawstring (breaking load 250 kg) and plastic-coated stainless steel hooks
  • For players weighing more than 100 kg and / or taller than 190 cm
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Replacement cord, instructions and fabric bag included
Instrument Group Saxophone
Neck Strap No
Shoulder Strap Yes
Carabiner No
Číslo produktu 465725
49 € 1 249,68 Kč
Cena vč. DPH nezahrnuje poštovné 15 €
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Bohužel se vyskyla chyba. Zopakujte protím tuto akci později.
Very comfortable!
Jorasiro 27.10.2019
I'm really surprised with this Saxholder, it's really comfortable and takes all the weight of your saxophone.

I'm changing it for a regular saxholder, though. I ordered the XL version because I'm taller than 190cm, (I'm 196cm tall) but it doesn't fit me. I guess it's for taller and thicker people.
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Bohužel se vyskyla chyba. Zopakujte protím tuto akci později.
Jazzlab saXholder PRO XL - tatsächlich eine Entlastung!
Saxclax 18.05.2020
Nach Jahren wieder zum Saxophon gegriffen, inzwischen etwas eingerostete Knochen, zuviel auf den Rippen und des Öfteren Nackenschmerzen. Der Jazzlab saXholder PRO XL schafft Abhilfe, er entlastet die Wirbelsäule und ist dabei selbst extrem leicht, einfach zu nutzen und mit einigen Handgriffen an die jeweilige Schulterbreite anpassbar. 1000 und eine Verbesserung gegenüber meinem früheren herkömmlichen Halsgurt. Die Investition allemal wert!
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