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Harley Benton BZ-4000 NT

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  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Rock
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Electric Bass

  • Deluxe series
  • Body: Ash / Nato / Ash
  • Cover and back: Sycamore
  • 5-piece maple / nato neck with neck-through-body construction
  • Fretboard: Ebonol
  • 24 Frets
  • Scale: 864 mm (long scale)
  • Nut width: 40 mm
  • Nut: Graphite
  • Pickup: 2 G&B humbuckers
  • With 18 V 3-band active/passive EQ
  • Controls: Volume with push-pull function, balance, bass, middle and treble
  • Black DLX hardware
  • Bushing bridge
  • DLX die-cast machine heads
  • Colour: Natural high gloss
Colour Natural
Soundboard Ash, Nato
Neck Maple, Nato
Fretboard Ebonol
Frets 24
Scale Long Scale
Pickups HH
Elektronic Aktive, Passive
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
Číslo produktu 339370
B-stock od 245 € dostupný
299 € 7 678,29 Kč
Všechny ceny vč. DPH
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Na skladě

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Dodávku bez poštovného můžete očekávat pravděpodobně mezi Středa, 27.10. a Čtvrtek, 28.10.
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Michal HK 02.08.2021
Dobrý dozvuk i zvuk. Použivám jen pasivní nastavení a přes STEINBERG UR22C to hraně fakt děsivě. Palec nahoru.
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Bohužel se vyskyla chyba. Zopakujte protím tuto akci později.
A beautiful and solid bass.
chrismj27 11.09.2020
I amazed that a bass of this quality is available at this price. I ordered this to "step up" from my entry level basses and it is perfect for students who are ready to go to the next level.

Pros: I love the active EQ feature. The HBZ pickups sound really good. The look, feel, and finish of this bass is just absolutely beautiful. The pictures online do not do justice to the appearance of this bass. The neck and the fingerboard play very nicely. The ability to switch between active and passive is very handy, especially if you plan on playing into a computer interface.

Cons: I'm a little uncertain about the tuners. They work okay, but seem a little unresponsive at times. Also, this is not really a complaint, but if you want to install locking strap buttons such as Schaller or Dunlop, the screws that hold the stock buttons in place are EXTREMELY tight. I have never struggled so much to remove strap buttons. Some would call this solid and reliable construction, and it is. But replacing strap buttons is a pretty common upgrade and you should be aware of this if you intend to do that. Obviously, this doesn't take away from everything that is good about this bass and it is literally the worst thing I could think of about it.

Conclusion: If you're upgrading from an entry-level bass, you can't go wrong with this. I can't speak for those who are accustomed to high-end basses, but it's easy to play, sounds great, and is an AWESOME bass for the money.
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Bohužel se vyskyla chyba. Zopakujte protím tuto akci později.
It gets 5 Stars from me
Anonymní 26.08.2014
I' really can't rate this high enough. Thru neck,natural finish that ticks the boxes for me. When I saw it listed about a month back I was impressed by the features and ordered it straight away.

Four weeks later it was in stock and delivered.Out of the box I was struck first by it's looks then by it's construction.The wood used for the Sycamore front and back is very nice, whether it's a condition at the factory or maybe I was just lucky it added to the already good looks of the bass.The high gloss finish was well applied and the hardware especially the bridge are solid,in fact the whole thing feels solid.
Set up was good, maybe slightly low for my taste but not an issue,no fret buzz or sharp edges.A small adjustment to A and D fixed the intonation and I was ready to plug in.

Input jack is a good tight fit with no crackles and all the pots operate smoothly and again no crackles.Nice defined lows and enough adjustment with the E.Q also I prefer a balance than 2 volumes.No hiss or hum evident.

It balances well and is a good weight,not heavy just a reassuring presence.The neck is a wee bit thicker than my Cirrus and it's slightly heavier.I'm comparing with the Cirrus as they are similar in style.The ebonal fretboard feels good and add this to the way it hangs you've a pleasant playing experience.

Summing up this is a well built bass with decent hardware,quiet electrics and sounds like a bass should.The mere fact that it looks,feels and plays like one at least twice the price is just a bonus.I'd recommend this to everyone.

Thanks Thomann I'm a very happy bass player today.
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Bohužel se vyskyla chyba. Zopakujte protím tuto akci později.
Amazing Bass. But, plz read before buying!!!
DudeFromTheMiddleOfNowhere 30.07.2021
After having this bass for a few months, I feel comfortable writing a review.

First off, this bass is exactly as expected. Sounds great and has a Pretty low action (after setup).

So what's wrong with it you might ask?

The bass feels kinda weird compared to traditional basses (Jazz bass, P bass, Stingray). The bass has a very very small offset body with huge horns. This may leave you feeling like you can only play it in one position (while sitting / standing) due to the body shape. This also makes the playing experience (for me at-least) kinda awkward.
Especially when standing up and playing low.

But, this Isn't a deal breaker.

The neck feels great, I just wish it was less wide so I wouldn't have to stretch as far. (This sometimes makes my hand cramp).

I think the only non-subjective "bad thing" is that there's A LOT of fret buzz on the first 4 frets (on my bass). This normally would be a deal breaker, but thank god I work on basses/guitars.

Overall this bass is Amazing if you are ok with the Funkyness of it.

P.S. The tuners aren't very good.
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