Win your own Ultimate Survival Tour Case!

Win your own Ultimate Survival Tour Case!

At our Thon Case Factory, we’ve built a custom flight-case to help you survive when on tour or at a festival. Join our competition and win this case which will surely contribute to the fun and wellbeing for you and your band!

How does it work?

In this flight case you will find essential things for your touring or festival lifestyle. Useful things such as toilet paper, a Leatherman, a flashlight, ravioli, beer, power strip, hearing protection and a toothbrush. This case holds them all and even has a special slot for your Zippo and smokes!

However, there is something essential that is missing!
And this brings us to our contest:

What is the missing item?

Hint: It’s a powerful weapon that has been a real life-saver for musicians and prevented small disasters.

How to participate?

For a chance to win this flight case including its contents, simply post your answers in the comments of this blog or on our Facebook page on the relevant post. You can give as many answers within your comment as you wish, but please post only one single comment/reply per participant.

The competition ends on Sunday 21 February 2016 at 23:59:59.

A winner will be drawn, from all the correct answers and will be contacted via email or a private Facebook message. More information can be found in our terms and conditions.

Besides the grand prize consisting of the flight case, we will at the same time also draw and assign four additional consolation prizes. The winners can choose one clothing item from our Passion Collection.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Want your own custom flight case? No problem! Check out our 3D configurator, simply create your own and place your order.


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Congratulations! The winner of the Survival Tour Case is Yvan Quib from France. Consolation prizes go to Oli Reimann from Germany, Gonzalo Yuste from Spain, Edwin Robson from England and Nele Eyskens from the Netherlands.



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Lawrence started playing the electric guitar because of his passion for rock music. Back in the day he played in a metal band, but now plays more for himself.


    The correct answer has to be “Gaffer tape”!!!

    Tape or cable ties or spork or felt tip pen or hammock or just a pillow

    Tin opener if you have a tin of ravioli you gotta open it

    Gaffer tape or instrument strings or plectrums or batteries.

    Gotta be gaffa tape,I couldn’t gig without it

    Gaffer tape, never gig without it !

    Black gaffa tape ! Because it’s like the Force!
    It has a dark side, it has a good side and it holds the whole universe together……

    Gaffer tape. Or as we in Finland call it: Jesus tape.

    Soldering iron! It is a must have for a band.

    Duct tape, now send me the fucking case please

    Gaffer tape should be in there

    You gotta have a stimpack #falloutfourstyle
    Or do it like Joerg Sprave, it’s a slingshot!

    Gaffer rape for for sure

    I’m going for can opener as well, although an emergency supply of coffee would be equally important!

    Stage Tape, cannot do without it.

    Gaffa tape or fishing tackle or electricity tester or soldering iron or guitar strings or deodourant or rain mac.

    I know duct tape has saved me more than a few times

    Duct tape for sure 🙂

    As a musician/engineer I’d have to say duct tape. It’s saved the show on more than one occasion.

    Boss Tuner TU-3

    You need this when changing strings

    A leatherman would be the one for most emergencies including cork removal on drunken hotel room nights

    Gaffer Tape, cable tester.

    It must be duct tape…

    I would also say duct tape, but that wouldn’t go there, would it? Duct tape is something you store near your heart since it will reflect lethal bullets and spears thrown at you, cowboy with a bible-style. I think it’s a small towel since this is the most useful thing to bring on tour (beside gaffa!). Use it as a pillow, block out the sun when sleeping in a van with it, wipe of post-gig sweat with it or twist it and whip your lazy ass band members when they’re not helping carrying stuff.

    “Gaffer tape”

    RCD Current breaker adapter.

    Gaffa tape or sharpie marker

    Duct tape….macgiver style

    Gaffa tape. Every real musician knows this… =)

    Gaffer tape, all over the gaff!

    Gaffa Tape (probably)
    cable tester
    chocolate bar
    drinking flask (water or poison)
    laser measure
    soldering iron
    pack of zip ties
    first aid kit
    marking tape
    sharpie marker
    spare strings

    Duct Tape.

    I like the WD40 answer but it is much less of a “life-saver” unfortunately.

    A energy drink slim can (probably 330ml)

    Duct tape for sure. preferably the glow in the dark type.

    Duck tape or gaffa tape

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