Sound Therapy for Wellness of Mind, Body & Soul

Sound Therapy for Wellness of Mind, Body & Soul

The effect sounds can have on us humans is simply astounding. While everyday life becomes stressful, overcrowded and increasingly hectic, we seek ways for inner peace and balance. The power of music, felt through overtone-rich sound therapy and sound massage, can be a solution. No matter how much scientific explanation is behind it, healing through music remains fascinating, even magical! ūüôŹ‚ėģ


Access to the inner self through fascinating sounds

Tone colour and musical overtones have nothing to do with illusion or even esotericism. It has been proven many times that listening to sounds can influence brain activity, feelings and emotions. This is known and proven, for example, in people who suffer from dementia and who actually no longer have access to their own brains. If a favourite song from their youth is played to them, the subconscious opens up. Some hum or sing along; others sneak a firm smile on their face. Despite the closed doors of the brain, the sounds have a deep effect on the long-term memory.

Sound therapy as a balm for the soul

Sound therapy works according to the same principle, also addressing the subconscious. The aim is to put people into a state of rest through the sounds of singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, sound tubes and other special instruments. Pure relaxation. Mental and spiritual blockages can be overcome holistically. With balanced rest, the body and soul are calmed simultaneously. Even people who claim that nothing can help them, who have given up hope, can get their stress level down incredibly fast with long, overtone-rich tones and frequencies.

Massaging the psyche with sound

The expression “sound massage” is often uttered in relation to sound therapy. This can be quite misleading because one immediately thinks of something physical, using the hands like a conventional massage, or hot stones or oils.¬† What is meant by “sound massage” is the use of sound waves to “massage” the psyche. When psychological tensions are released, naturally, this also has an effect on the physical well-being. Sound massage can therefore also contribute to the healing of illnesses or to pain relief.

Feeling frequencies that only bats can hear

The amazing thing is that humans can use both audible sound and inaudible sound,¬†sound which is measurable but moves in frequency bands that are¬†not perceptible to human ears. Imagine this with the example of the bat: They can fly around a cave or between tree branches, without hitting anything, all in complete darkness. Bats orient themselves with their natural¬†ultrasonic wave¬†transmission and reception abilities (echolocation) allowing them to glide safely through the night with virtually no threat of hitting anything or anyone. Such high-frequency waves are not audible to us and the same applies to infrasound, frequencies that are too low for us to hear. We can’t hear them but this does not mean that we can’t feel them, even if only subconsciously. Why do we suddenly feel calmer and overall better? Four words: The power of music.

The life & work of a sound therapist

Many people have found their path in life through helping others (and themselves) with their profession as sound therapists. Some give meditative concerts to groups of people while others perform therapies focused on individuals. Thanks to the frequency spectrum, emerging overtones, harmonies and various timbres of sound, which create a type of healing ambient music, many people are finding inner peace through a beautiful sound experience. In the video you get a little more insight on some of the practices that can be performed:

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