In-house Service Centre: Woodwinds & Brass

In-house Service Centre: Woodwinds & Brass

Anyone who has visited us in Treppendorf may already know that we have an extensive service center. This houses 10 different specialist workshops, including guitars & bass, strings, electronics (keyboards, PA, loudspeakers, amplifiers, lights), piano, wood and brass instruments. ?

We stopped by our colleagues in the woodwinds and brass instrument service centre in order to give you an inside peek. In fact, the specialist workshops are one of the largest repair shops in Europe. Equipped with modern devices, they offer innovative procedures for repairing and refining instruments. We were completely amazed at the abundance of work they offer and perform. ??️️


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The 14-person team in the brass and woodwind workshops consists of professionally trained instrument makers, including four masters. They carry out all kinds of modifications and all instrument manufacturers at personal request. Almost nothing is impossible. Using a computer measuring process, they check the tuning and resonance of the instrument or make spare parts. Your instrument is in the best of hands with them. Below you will find a full list of all the services and benefits offered.

Our team in the brass workshops


Innovations and expanding the range

What also astonished us is that the team also improves products and works on innovations relating to Thomann’s own brands. Two specially developed products have received a patent: the Little Lion euphonium and the Little Elephant trombone with a child-friendly design for the young ones. Well done, dear colleagues! The teams in the workshops develop new instrument models – which you can ultimately find on

Our team in the woodwinds workshop

Our performance and services

Are you considering having your wood or brass instrument repaired or rebuilt? Our workshop team will be happy to advise you personally on site, by telephone or by email. On request, we will prepare a cost estimate, should it be a more extensive work on your instrument. The colleagues in the specialist workshops offer these services:

Woodwinds workshop

  • General overhauls for woodwind instruments
  • Adjustments and readjustments
  • Custom production of individual parts
  • Processing of complaints and carrying out warranty repairs
  • Carrying out all repairs on behalf of the customer
  • Order processing for ordering special spare parts
  • Quality assurance for the instruments of our house brand

Brass workshop

  • Acceptance of repairs for brass instruments in direct customer contact
  • Preparation of cost estimates if necessary
  • Carrying out all necessary repair work
  • Overhaul of valves / machines up to a general overhaul with new paintwork
  • Order processing for ordering special spare parts
  • Quality assurance for the instruments of our house brand

Special work

  • Conversions of brass instruments according to customer requirements
  • Adaptation of lead pipes and thumb rests, belt holders according to customer requirements
  • Offer of special finishes: gold lacquer, grinding and jet optics, galvanic work such as silver plating, gold plating and raw dinning
  • Manufacture of special parts, spare parts and additions for brass instruments
  • Attachment of single and double triggers as extension or shortening triggers in the versions firmly soldered or screw-on.
  • Installation of additional valves
  • Coating of leaking perinet valves
  • Conversions to “left hand operation” (additional pushers or complete printing mechanism), can be completely screwed on (can be unscrewed again at any time).
  • Checking the mood and the vibration behavior of a wind instrument using computer measurement methods (bias)
  • Mood optimization of brass instruments using computer measuring methods

Contact & Consultation 


Quality assurance of our own brands

After purchasing a wind instrument from our in-house brands, our team of 10 checks the instruments before shipping. The colleagues in quality assurance for wood and brass instruments setup the instruments so that they are ready to play, pack them and off they go to the customers’ homes. ?

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