Visiting Fodera

Visiting Fodera

The partnership between Thomann and Fodera dates back several years during a collaboration involving the custom-made Standard P, which then entered into production on a permanent basis, and the organization of the second Bass Day 2014, with the attendance of Nathan East and Julien Michel. This collaboration continues today with the certification of Fodera Repair Shop” and a new premium bass in limited edition.

“Fodera Repair Shop” @ Treppendorf

Rudi from Thomann’s Guitar workshop in the Fodera workshopOur colleagues Jonas (bass department) and Rudi (guitar workshop) were recently in the United States to visit Fodera at their legendary workshop in Brooklyn. The purpose of their visit was for their training involving the new collaborative project between Thomann and Fodera’s master bass craftsmen. The members of our staff are now trained and certified as a “Fodera Repair Shop” to perform repairs, setups and modifications on Fodera instruments in our Thomann service center – and exclusively for the whole of Europe. Our guitar workshop in the service center is now equipped with specific Fodera accessories and replacement parts. On request, customers can also receive specific and extensive advice regarding setups and maintenance of their Fodera basses.

The collaboration between Fodera and Thomann does not stop there: On Bass Day V (29 October 2016) a brand new bass created exclusively for Thomann will be presented. Which is all still top secret at the moment, so mark the date on your calendar!

We leave you with Jonas’ impressions on his training at Fodera:

Jonas (top left) and Rudi (third left) at Fodera“The workshop of Fodera is located in the industrial area, just across Upper Bay, and enjoys breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, as well as part of Greenwood Park. Only a small doorbell indicates the entrance. Once behind the big gray door, the cold impression of the working-class district disappears, transforming itself into a haven for artists, musicians and bassists.

Vinny Fodera at workAfter passing the stylish offices you arrive directly into the spacious and well-stocked workshop. At the back of the workshop is the lumberyard, which is of utmost importance to every instrument builder. The team was very happy about our visit and there was a very positive, friendly atmosphere. We had a long to-do list containing many topics that we wanted to do together in these few days. Every morning there was a meeting involving all employees, which provided for brainstorming, work allocation and open communication. In the background, lay a table with treasures to be built this month – including a bass for a certain music store in some small village somewhere in Franconia 😉

Each topic was supervised by an expert and our colleagues received useful information directly. Tips and tricks for specialized lacquering methods were conveyed perfectly. When asked what makes the Fodera basses so special, Vinny Fodera replied: “We want to satisfy our customers.” Which is the same thing Joey Lauricella had in mind.

The instruments are built and set up so that each customer receives the instrument of his dreams, according to their exact specifications (including the distance between the string and fretboard, to the millimeter!) Customizations include pickup installation or special circuitry, required by the customer. In general, we had a lot of constructive discussions, also about future projects, that we will keep confidential, not to reveal the surprise to our customers ? And from 2017, the option of Japanese maple will also be available, which is an ideal construction timber for stringed instruments in general. 

We talked at length about a special Replica model, which will be unveiled during the Bass Day on October 29. We have of course invited Fodera to this event and are very excited about celebrating this incredible collaboration together.”

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