Ukelele: our gift ideas

Ukelele: our gift ideas

This small four stringed instrument evokes exotic beaches and positive vibrations, we are of course referring to the ukelele. This instrument allows you to pluck or strum chords. It is a traditional Hawaiian item and one of it’s many very positive qualities is that it is super simple to play for beginners but also suitable for more advanced playing. In other words it is an ideal instrument for anyone who has the wish to start playing an instrument with strings! Below you will find our selection of ideal gift ideas for beginner as well as experienced ukelele players.

– Ukeleles –


Harley Benton UK-10S Ukelele

This model is ideal for starting out on the ukelele! It’s sound is powerful en well defined and it offers good quality strings as well as a very nice finish! The tuning machines are of an equally good level, so tuning it is a walk in the park!                                                     → more concert ukeleles here!


Kala KA-C Mahogany Concert

A few chords and you will instantly be transported to a hammock in the shadow of a palm tree on a beach with fine white sand. It comes with a gigbag and on top of that this ukelele is made from 100% mahogany wood, it will delight those that have experience with this type of instrument! → more concert ukeleles here!


Baton Rouge V2 sun

Featuring a very charming finish, with a sun type pattern around the sound hole, this ukelele is affordable and comes standard with tuning machines of a high quality. Perfect for a first time buyer! → Check out more soprano ukeleles



Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-40S

A ukelele from the Custom Line Harley Benton series, this soprano ukelele has the shape of a pineapple! The visual aspect is very sunny and the shape is comfortable to play on, this is an instrument which is great for both beginners and as well as players that have been playing for longer. → Check out more soprano ukeleles



Kala UBASS SSMHG FS Bass Ukelele

A semi acoustic bass ukelele! Plug it in and you won’t believe your ears. It is allows you to play in the range of the bass yet with the tonal qualities of the double bass. Simply put, an amazing and fun instrument. → Check out more bass ukeleles


Harley Benton BJU-10 Banjo Ukelele

The ukulele Banjo is a hybrid instrument and rather original. The sound is strong and crystal clear. The price and ease of play are excellent. A cool and original gift idea!



Mahalo Smiley Ukelele

With it’s super friendly look, this ukelele will not go unnoticed. Since it includes a gigbag this model will accompany you everywhere and will allow you to infuse the mood with  good vibes through happy music, no matter where you are.



– Accessories –


Tom and Will 63UKC Flowers Ukelele Bag

A padded bag with handle for concert ukeleles, featuring a shoulder strap. A happy and floral pattern design perfectly represents the mood and joy people associate with ukeleles! → Check out all the gigbags and cases for ukeleles


Millenium US-2010

A stand for the ukelele which resolves a typical problem : how to put safely away your instrument! This product is well thought out and does not take up a lot of floor space.


Aquila Corde Regular Sopran Ukelele Strings

It is important to note that you generally can’t go wrong by changing the original strings on a new ukelele for higher quality ones. These are the reference strings by which all others are measured, they will almost always be superior (in terms of staying in tune, durability and more) compared to the ones that are already on your ukelele. → Check out all the strings for ukeleles


Thomann Elite Case Ukelele Soprano

Hard case with soft red inner lining with a truly unbeatable price/quality ratio. If you well and truly want to protect your favourite instrument this is a top notch case and very affordable as well!                                    → Check out the other cases and gigbags for ukeleles


Thomann CTU-10 Ukelele

A clip tuner made especially and only for ukeleles. Once clipped on, it senses the vibrations and shows you the pitch and deviation. It is very simple to use, you just clip it on and start tuning. Very precise as well as back-lit, this tuner will fully satisfy your needs at a price you will find nowhere else.


Dunlop Bill Russel Capo Banjo/Ukelele

An elastic system makes for an easy and efficient use of this capo. This capo is meant for ukeleles or banjos. It works very well and looks really fun to boot. What else could you wish for?


Minotaur Ukelele Strap Oahu

This is a special, short ukelele strap. While you can adapt guitar straps for use with a uke, if you use this model meant for ukeleles instead you will be sure to have a strap made of suede leather which is supple, has a great finish and offers comfort you will appreciate while playing.


Risa Table Mount

A table mounted holder for you ukelele. Exceedingly practical, and also works for a mandoline!

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    Hi Mel, if you click the links all the information including of course prices and cheaper/more expensive alternatives are right there. We did not want to clutter up the blogposts with prices and specs. 🙂 Suffice to say Uke’s are certainly among the most affordable instruments ever made! Have fun!

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