Top Christmas Gifts – Synthesizers

Top Christmas Gifts – Synthesizers

Are there any synth fans in the house? Just in time for Christmas, we’ve put together some great synthesizer gift ideas. There is sure to be something suitable if you want to give a synthesizer fan a truly special gift for Christmas. From software synths to drum machines, here are our tips on synthesizer gifts!

Behringer RD-6 SR

It couldn’t be more legendary: With the RD-6-SR, Behringer brings back the sound of the famous Roland TR-606 drum machine from the ‘80s – fully analogue and with great attention to detail! Modern extras such as a distortion effect, individual outputs, MIDI and USB bring the classic into today’s times. A must for all fans of analogue beats!

Korg opsix

The classic FM sound is in great demand again! But with the Korg opsix you not only bring the legendary sounds of DX7 and Co. into your studio or live setup. Features such as different FM modes and waveforms, the polyphonic step sequencer and the intuitive operation make the opsix the FM synth for today. 

Behringer 960 Sequential Controller

The ultimate Eurorack sequencer! The Behringer 960 is a faithful replica of the sequencer of the legendary Moog System 55 modular system. With eight steps, three rows of controls, various timing options and more, it ensures movement in every patch and is unbeatably easy to use thanks to the many controls. 

Arturia Pigments 3

A software synthesizer in a class of its own. With its four sound engines, Arturia Pigments 3 offers an almost unlimited variety of sounds. Versatile modulations, a large effects section, a poly-rhythmic sequencer and the filter of the famous Roland Jupiter-8 complete this extraordinary software synthesizer.

Arturia MicroFreak

Small format – big sound! With its digital oscillator, which handles a wide variety of synthesis processes, the Artturia MicroFreak offers an impressive sound spectrum. The analog filter ensures powerful sound and the step sequencer, with four automation tracks, creates various patterns, all of which are very useful.

Moog Grandmother

The perfect introduction to modular synthesis! The Moog Grandmother is an analog synthesizer with two oscillators, the classic ladder filter and a spring reverb. Thanks to the semi-modular structure, the individual components can be combined with each other again and again – there are no limits to creativity!

Electron Model: Cycles

Compact groove box with fat FM sounds. The Elektron Model: Cycles impresses with six different “machines” for kick, snare, metal, perc, tone and chord. On six tracks, the Groovebox offers plenty of space for creative beatmaking with the versatile sequencer. Thanks to the many controllers, spontaneous ideas can be implemented immediately.

Data DUO

The synthesizer for “children between 3 and 99 years”. Young and young at heart synthesizer fans will discover the fascinating possibilities of electronic sound synthesis with the Dato DUO. With two oscillators, a filter, a sequencer, integrated effects and more, the DUO offers all the ingredients for inspiring sound experiments.

Roland JU-06A

Legendary Roland sound in a compact format. The Roland Juno-60 and Juno-106 are among the most famous synthesizers of all time. With the innovative ACB technology, the JU-06A reproduces the sound of these timeless classics down to the last detail. A real highlight for all fans of the characteristic, creamy Juno sound! QD

Four-part drum module in Eurorack format. With three different sound generators, the module covers a wide range of drum sounds – from drum modeling to wavetables and samples that are loaded via microSD card. EQ and compressor provide the right punch. Building beats in the Eurorack – no problem with QD!

Which products from this list did you like the most? If you haven’t found what you are looking for, HERE is our complete list of gift ideas for all musicians.

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