Top Christmas Gift – Recording

Top Christmas Gift – Recording

The world of recording is large and varied: from bedroom producers with a laptop to a full band recording and mixing their own songs. The needs are certainly different but it’s good that there is recording equipment that suits everyone. Discover the best Christmas gifts for recording and recording studio enthusiasts below!

SSL 2+

Top-of-the-range USB-C audio interface made by  Solid State Logic . Two very high quality pre-amps (62 dB gain, 130.5 dBu ON), Neutrik connectors, Alps potentiometers, “4K” switches for each channel (for sounds similar to the legendary SSL 4000 series), 5-stage metering for each input, MIDI in and out and 2 independent headphone outputs. All at a ridiculous price… €289!

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

There is hardly a more popular line of audio interfaces than the Scarlett. The third generation is now available and the 2i2 offers exactly the right number of inputs and outputs for many applications. This USB sound card, equipped with two pre-amps, with “Air” mode, works up to 192 kHz and comes with a very generous software package.


Who wants to listen to high quality music without breaking the bank? Well, the JBL 305P MKII active studio monitors are extremely cheap. However, these near-field speakers have a lot to offer, such as setup adjustment via EQ, TRS and XLR inputs, bass reflex system and 49Hz frequency response, waveguide and Class D bi-amping with 82 watts of power.

Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording

This set comes complete with spider and pop filters. The fulcrum, however, is the Rode NT1-A, which has the typical characteristics of a high quality studio microphone: it converts the sound with a real large condenser diaphragm with cardioid characteristics and extremely generous technical values. The set is also excels under another aspect: the very affordable price!

Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones

This innovative product combines a pair of specially designed headphones and a plug-in modeling for aural perception: the result? Reproduce an aural replica of a famous professional studio, mastering room, car stereo, club and other environments in which to ‘test’ your mixes and mastering. Incredible.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo Heritage

When you want to give a vintage sound to the production of a song or a record, you often risk spending a fortune on equipment and software. But sound engineers love to turn to UA: the Thunderbolt interface with two DSPs that simulate classic effects. Of course, the hardware has fantastic features, such as the best pre-amps available on the market and a zero-latency monitoring section that has become legendary.

Thomann ComboDesk - designed by Zaor

Using a normal desk as a production station is unsatisfactory and not very ergonomic. After all, if you want to comfortably use your keyboard, hardware and computer monitors for hours, it’s worth having a dedicated workstation. In collaboration with the furniture professionals of the Zaor studio, we have created this elegant, practical and economical desk!


Plug-ins can do a lot, sound great, and cost little – a perfect scenario, if only it weren’t for all that mouse operation! With UC1, SSL creates a bespoke hardware component with an SSL look and workflow for the SSL Bus Comp 2 and Channel Strip 2 plug-ins. Working ‘analog’ on digital: the future? Countless LEDs provide information on levels and parameters.

Zoom H6 Black

Even a computer with an audio interface and microphone is often not mobile or compact enough when on the road or in the field. The H6, on the other hand, is a full-featured and powerful recording device with up to six simultaneous tracks, but given its portability it can be held in one hand. The stereo microphone is included, and the device lends itself to being expanded with a variety of accessories!

Ableton Live 11 Standard

Flexibility and intuitiveness: Ableton Live is a DAW that masters recording, editing, mixing, as well as spontaneous sessions and the smooth connection between all these activities! In addition to simple time and pitch management, the highlights include, above all, the many innovative creative effects and tools to start producing high-level tracks right away!

…And if these suggestions weren’t enough for you, take a look at the complete list by clicking HERE !

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