Top 5 Synths 2021

Top 5 Synths 2021

This year has been rather rich for fans of synthesizers: a lot of novelties in the analog and digital fields, without forgetting the modular and the Eurorack. Find out below which are the 5 synthesizers that we liked the most!

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Behringer 2600 Gray Meanie

Behringer has already had real success with the standard model of the 2600, which has brought one of the most famous analog synths of all time in a compact form. This year, Behringer crowned the 2600 and launched the Gray Meanie, an impressive special edition based on a first series of the legendary model. Silver gray paint and monochrome LEDs on each of the 63 faders give the 2600 Gray Meanie a sleek look. However, what’s hidden under the hood is much more important: Unlike the classic 2600, Gray Meanie offers superb analog reverb that delivers the authentic sound of spring reverb. Sound generation with three VCOs, multimode filter, ring modulator and numerous patch options open up the doors to many sound design experiences!

619 €

Erica Synths Drum Synthesizer LXR-02

The Erica Synths LXR-02, created in collaboration with Sonic Potions, is without a doubt the most exciting new drum machine of the year 2021. Its six synthetic drum voices offer a huge variety of sounds, from analog emulations to digital sounds. With over 30 adjustable parameters per voice, the LXR-02 offers unique possibilities for creative sound shaping that you will hardly find on any other drum machine. Another highlight is the flexible 64-step sequencer, which impresses with its performance features such as mutes, rolls, master bitcrush and kit morphing and makes the machine ideal for live use. Anyone looking for individual electronic drum sounds that are outside the box will get their money’s worth with the LXR-02.

579 €

Arturia V-Collection 8

For many years, the Arturia V collection has been synonymous with authentic emulations of synthesizer’s greatest legends in the form of intuitive plug-ins. This year the collection has grown even further and has been expanded to include the Jun-6 V (Roland Juno-6), Emulator II V (E-mu Emulator II) and Vocoder V (Moog Vocoder) models. The package now contains a total of 28 software instruments which can rightly be described as essential equipment for any producer and sound enthusiast. Arturia plug-ins still convince with clever additions that weren’t there in the originals, such as additional LFOs, effects and modulation options. The Arturia V Collection 8 has its place in any decent plug-in collection.

299 €

Novation Circuit Tracks

Anyone looking for a versatile groove box for jamming, producing and performing should definitely consider the Novation Circuit Tracks. With two polyphonic synthesizer parts, four drum tracks, plenty of effects, and an intuitive sequencer that can also control external devices, Circuit Tracks offers everything you need to create and innovate. With ten rotary knobs, 32 multi-colored illuminated keys and numerous buttons, you are always in control and can implement ideas effortlessly without having to click through complicated menus, thus making a product as comfortable on stage as it is in the studio.

369 €

Kodamo Essence FM MKII

FM synthesis is back – and more powerful than ever! With capabilities most other FM synthesizers can only dream of, the Kodamo Essence FM is the ultimate FM racecar. Polyphony of 300 voices, freely definable algorithms, 48 modifiable waveforms per operator and no less than 14 envelopes per voice eclipse anything that was previously imaginable with a hardware FM synthesizer. A multimode filter with voice resonance further expands the possibilities without complicating use: the luxurious 7-inch multi-touch screen offers intuitive access to all parameters.

1,290 €


There you have it, our top 5 list for 2021 synthesizers. What did you think? What would you add? Let us know!

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    Other than Novation Circuit Tracks, strange selections in my opinion. The other 4… ahh… what?

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