Top 5 Saxophones 2021

Top 5 Saxophones 2021

A number of classic instruments are regularly revisited based on current playability criteria. ️🎷 Saxophones, from soprano to alto to tenor, have proven their timeless popularity and their ability to remain center stage. And this therefore requires the innovation of certain manufacturers and models that make the instrument available to as many young players as possible! Alexandra presents 5 models released in 2021 in the video below! 🏆

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Thomann TSS-380 Soprano Sax

Once again, the Thomann TSS-380 stands out for its incredible value for money. A saxophone that especially shines with beginners and re-starters or as a second instrument. And shine is also the keyword of its look! From playing response to sound, this soprano saxophone has received top ratings multiple times this year!


Thomann TAS-180 Vintage Alto Saxophone

This TAS-180 Eb-Alt, superb Alto sax with vintage design, just screams New Orleans! The nostalgic look is supported by matte-finish keys and darker inlays. The instrument scores points with its robustness and ideal playability due to the proximity of the keys. The response is more sensitive, and the sound is round and pleasant in all registers. The body, the cylinder head and the bell are in solid brass.


Thomann MK IV Handmade Tenor Sax

Thomann’s MK IV tenor saxophone is the result of high-level manual work. The copper body (92%) is just one of the many strong arguments in favor of this instrument. It also impresses with its precise response, sensitive intonation and balanced sound. The engraving on the body, in matte finish, is the cherry on top! This Bb tenor saxophone represents an elegant introduction to the tenor world at an affordable price.


Selmer Axos Alto Sax

The name Selmer is generally sufficient to guarantee the very high quality of an instrument, and has been for more than a century now. And this Alto is no exception to the rule! It is characterized by well thought out equipment and high quality workmanship. As we know, the Parisian family business manufactures all the parts in-house except the keys, so everything is very-well coordinated in terms of sound and playing feel.


Keilwerth SX 90R "Shadow" Alto Saxophon

With the SX 90R “Shadow”, Keilwerth offers a versatile alto saxophone. Depending on the mouthpiece and the way it is played, it may sound soft, round and full, or may explode abruptly and assert itself with its dynamics. The materials are noble, with a black-nickel-plated nickel silver body 😍 The trill key is height adjustable and therefore convenient for professional players with smaller hands.


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    I have played Alto & Tenor sax Selmer Super Action 80!

    I meet Brandford Marsalis 2010 on Stockholm Koncerthouse, he is merried with my relative Nichole. We discus about wich is the best Saxophone, I tried hes type of saxophone made in US, that wasnt my type of saxophone, so my feeling is Selmer …

    The Thomann TAS-180 Vintage Alto Saxophone is very, very nice. The look and the sound really have these sweet vintage aura.

    The Thomann TAS-180 Vintage Alto Saxophone is very, very nice. The look and the sound really have this sweet vintage aura.

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