Top 5 Overdrives: Low Budget

Top 5 Overdrives: Low Budget

Finding good distortion without having to reach too deep into your pockets is not all that uncommon these days, as there are plenty of affordable options in the market. Simon, our Italian community manager and Kris have put together our top 5 affordable overdrives to the test. Those interested in the higher end models, should check out our previous article on Top 5 Boutique Overdrives. Enjoy!

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Gear in the video: Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster BK, PRS SE Chris Robertson Signature, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III, Victory Amplifiers The Sheriff 22 Head, Mooer Blues Crab, Blackstar LT-Dual, T-Rex Dual Drive 60th Anniversary, Harley Benton Micro Stomp Little Blaster and Valeton La` Charger Crunch Distortion.

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