Top 5 Modular Synthesizers 2022

Top 5 Modular Synthesizers 2022

Are you a modular-synth-head? We know that the offer of synth modules is extensive and super diverse but we had to narrow our list down to 5 for the end of the year. It wasn’t easy but we’re ready to share it with you in this video and in the text below the video… Let us know what you think!

Oletko modulaarisynavelho? Modulaarisynteesin maailma on loputon ja tarjoaa uskomattoman määrän erilaista ruuvattavaa. Meidän piti kuitenkin rajata valikoimaa hieman ja valita blogilukijoillemme viiden parhaan lista! Homma ei ollut helppo, mutta uskomme, että onnistuimme tekemään oikeat valinnat! Tsekkaa video alta!

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Strymon StarLab

The Big Sky reverb not only has an excellent reputation in the guitar world – but is also very popular in electronic music. You can now screw it directly into the Eurorack with the StarLab module. StarLab is not just a copy of Big Sky, but combines a selectable three-type reverb with a delay unit, filter, LFO for modulation and numerous patch points to control almost every parameter. Typical Strymon features such as “freezing” the reverb are of course also included. This module is not only a fantastic reverb, but rather an experimental sound laboratory.

XAOC Devices Koszalin

The modules by XAOC Devices are not only characterized by their unusual names, but also by many interesting functions. Koszalin is a voltage-controlled frequency “shifter” in stereo, which elicits completely new facets of the input signal by shifting the frequency spectrum. Separate outputs are available for downshift and upshift signals. In addition to inputs for linear or exponential frequency modulation, the module offers CV inputs for Regen and Density parameters.

Tiptop Audio Model 245t

In cooperation with Buchla, Tiptop Audio brings the legendary Buchla 200 series to the Eurorack. This also includes the famous CV sequencer with the 245t model. The sequencer with four rows of five steps each can of course not only be used for Buchla patches, but also brings movement to any other patch. The unconventional combination of a 5-step sequencer, triggered by the internal impulse section, guarantees multi-layered sequences which make the many typical Buchla sounds completely unique.

Shakmat Modular Mod Medusa

And while we’re on the subject of unusual modulators, let’s jump right into Shakmat Modular’s Mod Medusa mod. It contains four LFOs triggered by sequencers, independently or in correlation with each other. Sequence length, density, and offset can be adjusted, and you can choose from eight sequence tables. The waveform of the LFOs is determined with the Shape and Symmetry controls and can be adjusted over a wide range. The manufacturer has even integrated a tap tempo function, very practical for performances.

Neuzeit Instruments Quasar

How about a blender that breaks the boundaries of space and time? Quasar from Neuzeit Instruments is a binaural 3D mixer in Eurorack format. Both audio inputs can be mixed to the Quasar 1, Quasar 2 and Center signal paths. Each quasar then helps position the signal in space by adjusting height, angle, and distance, as well as room size and attenuation. Envelope filters and LFOs also provide three-dimensional movement. Everyone is talking about 3D audio – thanks to Quasar this is now also possible in the Eurorack!

Which module is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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