Top 5 Guitar Pedals of 2018

Top 5 Guitar Pedals of 2018

Anyone who plays electric guitar these days has tasted a bit (or a lot) of guitar pedal obsession. Pedals usually come in a very small package so they are the perfect “stocking stuffer” for the upcoming Christmas holidays. We have compiled a Top 5 list of pedals with very special characteristics which are guaranteed to make their eyes glow… 🎁

Revv G3 Distortion

The Revv G3 Distortion clearly targets the higher degrees of distortion, because the Canadian manufacturer Revv has preserved the sound of the high-gain channel of its own 120 amp generator in this pedal. To make the whole thing as authentic as possible, the pedal is equipped with a 3-band treble, mid and bass tone control and 3 different gain levels can be selected with the Aggression switch (Blue / Off / Red), making the pedal a very flexible distortion master. Despite the high degree of distortion it offers a very direct response and a transparent sound. 

Victory Amplifiers V4 The Sheriff Preamp

This pedal was also implanted with amplifier genes – the Victory Sheriff 22 and Sheriff 44 amps were the inspiration for the pedal design. These amps are polarized to typical Marshall sounds – best partners for classic rock sounds – and the Sheriff Preamp also fits in this category. Inside, an EC900 and three CV4014 tubes provide the official tube sound in 2 channels, which can be adjusted separately in distortion and clean volume. Both share a 3-band tone control consisting of treble, mid and bass, for the treble range an additional bright switch is available.

Vertex Steel String Overdrive

The model for the Vertex Steel String Overdrive pedal is the legendary Dumble Steel String Singer Amp. With this amp Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson or John Mayer, among others, have created their fat clean sounds. The amp delivers a rich compression and also brings some undistorted guitars to feedback. The pedal is able to produce these same results very well. The sound is adjusted with its 3 controls Volume, Filter and Gain, while the Filter control is responsible for the midrange. The Steel String Overdrive offers a discreet compression behaviour, rich sustain and a very harmonic distortion up to medium degrees of distortion, which makes every amp sound a nuance better. Single coil guitars especially get a fatter sound with this pedal. It’s also a great “analog character maker” for modelling amps or digital multi-effects.

Headrush Gigboard

The Headrush Gigboard is a flexible partner for those who want travel with light luggage for rehearsals and gigs. The Gigboard is the compact version of the slightly larger Headrush Pedalboard, comes with 4 footswitches and a 7-inch touch display for convenient editing on the screen. The operating concept is very user-friendly, and even guitarists who are terrified of a larger multi-effects unit will quickly get along with it. The Gigboard is equipped with the same processor as the Pedalboard, so the effects and amp simulations are the same as on the big brother. The sound quality of the amp models and effects corresponds to the latest generation of amp models. 

Electro Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Fuzz

The Big Muff is one of the most iconic “distortionists” of all time. From David Gilmour to Kurt Cobain to Jack White, many guitarists have had this pedal under their feet and made music history with it. The Big Muff is available in different versions, which also sound different. With the Triangle Big Muff, the New York company celebrates its 50th anniversary and delivers the sound of the first version of the Big Muff from 1969 at an affordable price. According to Mike Matthews, the original circuitry of the original Big Muff was shipped one-to-one into a standard pedal case, integrating contemporary features such as a status LED, true bypass and a power supply connector. The pedal offers an absolutely authentic Big Muff distortion sound with lots of gain and sustain.

The world of pedals is enormous, and surely you have your own favourites! Let us know what they are in the comments below or in the Facebook post. We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 and that you give them a try, if you haven’t already.

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    Four dirt pedals amongst the five best? Well, I do believe I sense a pattern in guitarrists!

    Can you supply a stets bar tremolo system to fit a 335 type guitar please

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