Top 5 Guitar Amps 2021

Top 5 Guitar Amps 2021

Many contenders were gathered on the red carpet for the Best Guitar Amps 2021 gala. All-tube, transistor, modeling and hybrids – heads and combos, heavy and compact, we have it all, and for almost everyone. Here is our selection of the 5 most striking amps of the year!

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Supro Delta King 12 Combo TB

The Supro Delta King 12 Combo TB combines a cool vintage look with contemporary functionality. It’s not just visually that it reconnects with the Supro cult of the late ’50s and ’60s. The 15W combo has a 12AX7 preamp tube and 6L6 power amp on board. The FET boost function and the gain available easily push the amp into overdrive and distortion. The result is: classic blues, rock’n’roll, and rich crunchy sounds with its 12-inch speaker.

Price €649

Revv Generator 100R MK3

With the Revv Generator 100R MK3, the Canadian high-end amp maker has introduced a sophisticated tube head in an updated version. Thanks to the built-in Torpedo by Two Notes technology, the monstrous amp can also be connected to a PC without a case or audio interface and features incredible dynamic (and stereo) speaker simulations that can even be managed via Bluetooth. Everything is fully programmable, the power can be reduced from 120 W to 10 W. Impressive technology and crazy sound. No wonder the amp is in our top 5.

Price €2,998

Fender Tone Master Super Reverb

Is this the reincarnation of a classic 4 × 10 from 1964 with modern features? Short answer: Yes. Fender has equipped the Tone Master Super Reverb with trendy features for use in the studio or in a live scenario. The combo scores points with an IR-based speaker simulation that is picked up via the XLR output. Not to mention the rotary switch with which the power can be reduced in increments of 45 to 0.5 watts. Seen from the front, it is almost identical to the original model. And with built-in features, the Tone Master Super Reverb shows how modern technology can sound like a vintage tube amp, without the weight and lifting effort.

Price €1,299

Friedman BE-Mini Amp Head

With the BE-Mini amp head, Friedman delivers the sound of its legendary amp in a transistor box that weighs a mere 1.8 kg with an understated look, respecting Friedman’s aesthetic. With 30 watts of power, this is the ideal compact friend for lovers of crunch and metal sounds, who want to go from their bedroom to the rehearsal room to the concert without breaking their back. Oh, and it also has an effects loop.

Price €299

Joyo Zombie II

Joyo’s Zombie II is a little hybrid beast that has it all. With its 20 watts of power, the 12AX7 preamp tube and the Class D power amplifier, it offers the best results as a mesa-boogie-style high-gain amp (for those who know exactly what I mean). As a hybrid, it offers the best of both worlds. You can also play music from external sources through the Bluetooth interface. And unlike its predecessor, the two channels are separate and each have their own controls. A real hit, definitely fitting for our top 5.

Price €149

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