Top 5 Electric Guitars of 2019

Top 5 Electric Guitars of 2019

Exciting news again in 2019 in the field of electric guitars! …and you’ve come to the right place because below we show you the instruments that made it into our Top 5 list: 


Fender Vintera 70s Tele Custom FR
Homage to the Golden ’70s

Visually the Fender Vintera 70s Tele Custom FR presents itself after the classic model: The body is in Fiesta Red, white dot inlays line the fretboard and the Mint Green pickguard gives this guitar its unique impression. It has a 7.25” radius fingerboard, a “Slim C neck profile and 21 vintage style frets. The electronics are in no way inferior to the original sensitivity and feel, but they are clearly more easily tuned. The pickups were designed specifically for that ’70s tone. The result is a crisper and clearer articulated sound with consistent volume across all strings. The Tele is equipped with a ’70s Tele Single-Coil Bridge Pickup and a Wide Range Humbucker in the neck position.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s GT
Return to brilliant times

The Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s GT is ideal for purists and classic rockers. The new edition of the Gibson-Classic par excellence comes with a gold top, cream-coloured binding and trapeze inlays on the Rosewood fingerboard. The fat neck provides a sustain-rich tone and sits comfortably in the hand with its Vintage ’50s profile. The straightforward circuitry is equipped with hand-wired Orange Drops capacitors. A classic feature: the body is not hollowed out in any way, which adds to its weight but also to its sustain. With the two Burstbucker humbuckers you can get a super clean sound but also nice distorted sounds, complex and fine-tuned. Undoubtedly bold!

Harley Benton Fusion-II HH FR MN FBB
Impressive price/performance ratio


The Harley Benton Fusion-II HH FR MN FBB in Gloss Trans Flamed Bengal Burst is a real beauty with its veneered maple top, flamed finish and natural-coloured binding. The overall attractive impression is enhanced by the matching headstock, which has the same finish as the body. Harley Benton gave the instrument a Floyd Rose saddle with String Bar, guaranteeing tuning stability in combination with the Grover machine heads. On board the Fusion-II are two AlNiCo-5 humbuckers. The pickup switch is especially variable, enabling switching between single-coil and
Humbucker. Also, with the relatively flat fingerboard radius the manufacturer had ambitious playing techniques in mind.

Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret Lunar V2
Assertive & Flawless

The Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret Lunar V2 is flawlessly crafted. The top is flat like a kitchen table – apart from the pickups and co. A transparent black veneered maple top adorns the mahogany body. Pleasant to handle both standing up while sitting thanks to its “ribbed spoiler” on the rear side. This ax is equipped with Chapman Primordial Zero Humbuckers with a split function for delivering varied sounds (the volume and tone knobs have a push/pull button for this). Warm sound with enough crisp highs and presence. The Lunar V2 offers all this plus convincing assertiveness and very good playability. 

Gretsch G5420TG-LTD Caddy Green
Epitome of Rock & Roll guitars

The Gretsch G5420TG-LTD Caddy Green comes from the Electromatic® Hollow Body series. Authentic, pure and powerful with a completely hollow and resonant design. For the present sound the two Black Top FilterTron humbuckers, which are well-balanced and clearly “that great Gretsch sound”. The versatile controls have been improved. On board is the Master-Volume Treble Bleed circuit and of course a B60 vibrato tailpiece from Bigsby. Visually, the instrument also reaches deep into the trendy retro box. Body, back of neck and headstock are completely wrapped in sparkly Cadillac Green. The hardware is gold-coloured and the binding has an “aged” finish. In addition there are the oversized F-holes and the small head plate. from the late ’50s.

What did you think of our Top 5 guitars of 2019? Would you have chosen differently? We’d love to know. Tell us in the comments.


If you’re curious, you can find the Top 5 Electric Guitars from last year in the video below…

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    Harley Benton are coming along nicely,but bollocks to the PRS Stratocaster knock off!look up vintage jhs guitars,they are REAL value and high quality guitars

    You guys might want to check out Kiesel guitars in the US. Phone and Internet only sales and a couple of showrooms in California. But they make GREAT guitar with incredible finishes. Their $2000 guitars are up with with PRS. Gibons and Fenders that cost over $4000. Anyway, I’m pretty confident they might have made the list.

    Dunateen that model only came about because fender didn’t want to make a signature guitar for John Mayer.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the inclusion of the Gretsch. I have the 2018 black version of the G5420TG and it is awesome! Those blacktop FilterTrons produce a brutal sound.

    Nice! Congrats on that purchase. They sound amazing. All the best, //Joe

    I like fender vintera telecaster guitar

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