Top 5 Cymbals 2022

Top 5 Cymbals 2022

It’s hard to reinvent the cymbal, but every year we see manufacturers releasing sets that are more original and interesting than ever! Simon has therefore compiled his t0p 5 of the cymbals released in 2022!

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Paiste Set 3 201 14"HH/ 16"C / 20"R

The Paiste name has always been synonymous with high quality cymbals with a huge selection of models ranging from beginner sets to professional hand-hammered cymbals. The 201 series, made of B8 bronze, are machined in Germany. Incidentally, this is the same material that is used for the iconic 2002 series. The 201 series cymbals are available as a set consisting of a 14″ hi-hat, a 16″ crash and a 20″ ride at a very reasonable price. With bright, assertive sounds and sturdy construction, this set is a perfect choice for beginners.

Zultan Rock Beat Profi Cymbalset

A complete set of handcrafted Turkish B20 bronze cymbals for less than €400? What initially seemed difficult to imagine becomes reality with the Zultan Rock Beat Profi cymbal set. The Rock Beat series is characterized by powerful sounds with excellent response and has since achieved classic status in the Zultan lineup – and rightly so. Originally designed for rock, the series is now so wide that even lovers of less heavy musical genres such as pop, blues, soul or funk can get their money’s worth with these cymbals. The set consists of a 14″ hi-hat, 16″ and 18″ crashes and a 20″ ride.

Millenium Still Series Cymbal Set reg.

If you want to practise at home, you can choose from many options these days. In addition to popular electronic drums, there are also many ways to get the drum sounds down to a more reasonable sound level. The perfect complement to this are the cymbals from the Millenium Still series, which produce a very quiet and unobtrusive cymbal sound without impairing the usual playing feel. This is achieved through a targeted selection of materials combined with a dense hole pattern. The set consists of a 14″ hi-hat, two crashes (16″ and 18″) and a 20″ ride.

Zildjian K-Custom Darkbox Set

The long tradition of K. Zildjian cymbals dates back to the 19th century and is inextricably linked to great jazz drummers such as Tony Williams, Elvin Jones and Art Blakey. While Classic Ks today represent the typically warm musical sounds of bygone eras, K-Custom Dark Cymbals add a modern edge to the sound. The darker, drier sound of the K-Custom Dark Box Set, consisting of a 14″ Dark Hi-Hat, 16″ and 18″ Dark Crashes, and a 20″ Dark Ride, is equally suited to jazz and vocals, moderate rock, pop and funk, blues and all other musical genres that require organic sounds that blend harmoniously with other instruments.

Meinl Byzance Thomann Edition Set

Franconian cymbal manufacturer Meinl’s Byzantium series has been an integral part of their range since the turn of the millennium and marked the start of their cooperation with Turkish production facilities. The art of producing cymbals from B20 bronze comes from Turkey, and the decision to have the Byzantium series cast, hammered and turned by experienced smiths there, while the refinement and final check take place in Germany, turned out to be judicious. The Thomann Edition Set is a specially assembled combination of three cymbals developed in collaboration with Benny Greb – the 14″ Sand Hi-Hat, 18″ Sand Thin Crash and 20″ Sand Ride – plus a 16″ Vintage Crash. The dark and powerful sound with a little pinch of trash goes perfectly with styles such as soul and funk.

Which of these cymbals will end up on your Christmas wish list? What other cymbals released in 2022 would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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