Top 5 Bass Pedals of 2018

Top 5 Bass Pedals of 2018

Bassists, engineers and producers alike would agree that a good low end gives a healthy self-confidence and personality to a piece of music. These days this can be achieved using a box the size of an effects pedal. So it’s no wonder that a lot has developed in 2018 in the realm of the electric bass pedal. We present you the most successful bass effect pedals of the year!

Ampeg Liquifier

A chorus pedal, at an extremely slim price, from a manufacturer that stands, like no other, for powerful bass sounds? For some time now, the classic manufacturer Ampeg has been offering high-quality, easy-to-operate effect pedals. With only 3 controls (Rate, Depth and Effect Level), the Ampeg Liquifier produces extremely rich and lively sounds. Its conception as a dual chorus means that it can even deliver spacy, tremolo-like sounds if required, making it stand out of the crowd. And with dimensions of 66 x 114 x 56 mm and a weight of only 272 grams, it’s quite manageable on the pedalboard!

Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra

Hardly any other brand has made such a meteoric impact in recent years as Darkglass Electronics from Finland. With the Alpha Omega Ultra, Doug Castro and his team promptly created another classic in 2018, because this pedal is undoubtedly one of the most versatile bass preamps on the market! The Alpha Omega Ultra has 2 separate distortion circuits, which can be operated individually or combined. An active 6-band graphic EQ provides for stunning versatility, and as a highlight the device even has a speaker emulation on board. Other cool features include a headphone output for silent practice and a balanced direct output – all of course with true bypass.

Aguilar Grape Phaser

Aguilar has a heart for bassists: Phaser effects of the highest quality are provided by this chic four-step analog phaser from the “Big Apple”! The pedal produces classic sounds à la “For The Love Of The Money” by the O’Jays. Due to its extremely intuitive usability with only two controlsRate and Color – this is an effect pedal that invites you to experiment extensively and does not generate a useless mush of sound. It even allows you to create sounds that remind you of an envelope filter. Of course, the pedal comes in “tried, tested & true” Aguilar quality.

Mod Devices MOD Duo Modular Pedal

Attention: earthquake warning! With dimensions of 180 x 75 x 160 and a weight of 1200 grams, this German-made pedal is not only quite compact and light, but also incredibly versatile. 165 pre-installed amp and effect plug-ins provide unparalleled sonic variety. Classic bass sounds as well as wacky effect sounds, synths etc. are available. More than 500 additional plug-ins can be accessed in the MOD shop online – and the number of free and paid features is constantly growing. In addition, you can loop your own playing, making the pedal a (very patient!) practicing partner. Further features are a digitally-controlled, multi-stage analog pre-amplification, Bluetooth support, 2 freely assignable multifunction controls, 4 LED audio displays, 2 large multifunction graphic displays, 2 USB ports, true bypass … and on and on! Without a doubt this multi-effect pedal will becomes your personal, indispensable bass multi-tool for live and studio use in no time at all!

Tech 21 DP-3X

If you haven’t heard of dUg Pinnick yet you surely will soon! The American is the singer & bassist of the band King’s X and is known by a die-hard fanbase for his earthquake-like bass sound. Until recently, dUg was able to achieve this with the help of massive amplifiers and speaker walls, but now his signature sounds can be reproduced and further developed with this small foot pedal alone! The DP-3X  from well-known New York manufacturer Tech 21 features the controls Volume, Chunk, High, Mid, Low, Comp and Drive as well as a Gain and a Mix button. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the system, there are countless tools available to create a real “Wall Of Sound” live or in the studio. This includes, for example, the onboard compressor, which works extremely well. Further features also include a tuner, an XLR DI output and a headphone jack – all in a case measuring 19.7 x 6.4 x 3.2 cm. If you like loud rock music with a powerful bass sound, you should definitely check out this pedal!

What did you think of our Top 5 bass pedals that shake up our world? Have you tried any of them? Which are your favourites and why? Which others would you recommend? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below 👇

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