Top 5 Acoustic Guitars 2021

Top 5 Acoustic Guitars 2021

It’s hard to reinvent the wheel, but acoustic guitar makers have shown a healthy dose of creativity again this year. Extraordinary and proven features, new ideas, a lot of inspiration, which prove once again that innovation is in the details. Guillaume and Kris present the top 5 acoustic guitars of 2021 in this video 👇 and we provide more details (and links) on each product below…


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Harley Benton CLD-60SMCE NT

Harley Benton’s CLD-605MCE NT is a natural finish dreadnought. The back and sides are mahogany which becomes massive on the instrument’s top. This is the cutaway model, equipped with a preamp with an integrated tuner. A more than serious instrument with a cool look, not just for beginners, but perfect for them. All the more interesting since three months of free online guitar lessons are included with the purchase of the guitar.

Price: € 129

Fender AM Acoustasonic Jazzmaster NT

The first Acoustasonic models released had already caused quite a stir, so it’s no surprise that Fender offers more with the AM Acoustasonic Jazzmaster NT. The instrument is elegant and perfectly represents the symbiosis of acoustic and electric guitar. More versatility is hardly conceivable. The guitar is equipped with the Acoustasonic Shawbucker, Fishman Transducer and Fishman Enhancer pickups. The body is mahogany with a satin finish and helps to make a guitar that stands out for its sound, aesthetics and playability!

Price: € 1,765

Taylor GT811 Grand Theater

It’s not surprising to find the Taylor GT811 Grand Theater in this top 5. This acoustic guitar is characterized by an absolutely splendid sound and its reduced size “big guitar” shape. It combines the pleasant feeling of playing with the rich sound of a full-sized guitar without the bulk thanks to innovations from Taylor’s master luthier, Andy Powers, who continues to revolutionize the construction of acoustic guitars.

Price: € 2,990

Gibson G-00 Natural Generation

With the Gibson G-00 Natural Generation, we welcome a US-made L-00 that sounds and plays like a Gibson… almost at the cost of an Epiphone! The top is solid Sitka, the back and sides are walnut. What makes this guitar unique is, of course, the addition of the player port in the upper splint, which allows you to hear yourself better. Gibson wins this year with a top range, and one third the price of their usual models.



Price: € 999

Höfner HGL9

Everyone talks about protecting the environment and making the best use of resources, and this is what the Höfner Green Line stands for in this HGL9. The convincing sound of the acoustic guitar is created by the interplay of local woods, namely the solid spruce top and back and cherry wood sides, alder neck and – beware, here it is – the swamp oak fingerboard. . Visually, the HGL9 has a typical natural finish that highlights the quality of craftsmanship and a good conscience to go along with it!

Price: € 649

Which acoustic guitar did you like most? Please write us your opinion in the comments below!

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    Please send me one of these guitars. I’ve had my garrison six string acoustic for 16 years and i can’t afford to get the fret board renewed because I have very low income. I do miss so much being able to pick it up each night and play a few tunes to get my mojo back. I’ll send you some of my prints as a thank-you. What a Christmas present it would be to be able to pick up a guitar that plays again. Merry Christmas and thanks for reading my message.

    Had many over the years 75 yrs old now ,..unable to afford a really expensive ACOUSTIC..but so love My PURPLE CRAFTER ..I have had for many yrs …bought A FENDER ACOUSTIC DREADNOUGHT ..this APRIL but have hardly played it,..sad ..I need some inspiration …A MARTIN would be my ambition…I think but prefer to try..first so many BEAUTIFUL models …

    Might have expected one of the LAG Hyvibe range to be in the mix…. awesome playability, quality build standard and amazing smart technology giving built in capability. Having said that… you gotta love a Taylor (or three in my case….lol).

    What Kevin said. The acoustisonic is not only a dumb name but Lag innovated the smart guitar. I own 3. I traded a Taylor 214ce DLX, 1600 bucks, for my Special Edition Tramontane Lag and it sounds better and made with solid wood and not trash laminate like Taylor and Martin make their “affordable” guitars with. The hyvibe is 1300 out the door. You can’t buy a decent Taylor or Martin for this price

    Freebie begger out and about.
    It you don’t have very much money buy a harley benton 120.have a bit pride man.

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