Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Amps 2021

Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Amps 2021

Amplifying an acoustic guitar has never been easy. The perfect combination of pickups (or mic’ing) and amplifier are usually needed to get the sound you are aiming for. But some amps come along from time to time which make this magic happen with the flick of a switch. Some of those are definitely included in our Top 5 list of Acoustic Amps from 2021. Check out the video as well, Kris and Guillaume test them all out…


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Fender Acoustic Junior

The popular Fender Acoustic Junior is one full acoustic amp! Not only in sound but also in features. This two-channel 100-watt amp is equipped with an 8″ low frequency loudspeaker and a hi-fi compression tweeter, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in effects (Room, Hall, Echo, Delay, Chorus, Vibratone, Delay + Chorus, Delay + Reverb), 2x XLR-combo line and instrument input as well as outputs and more! No wonder it’s been flying off the shelves!

399 €

Flight Tiny6 Walnut Portable Amp

What is this tiny piece of wooden furniture? Discreet, right? Exactly, this small portable / travel amp is more than meets the eye. Though it’s not the loudest amp in the world it sounds surprisingly good for being just a 6-watt amp. It’s also handy for amplifying ukulele and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker as well. Put it in your pocket (literally) and hit the musical road!

45 €

Acus One-Street5-Wood

This professional Italian-made box of wonders can be powered by both batteries and AC adapter, leaving you with more options for where to play (hey, buskers)! The low end (via 5″ woofer) is superb on these 40-watt amps and along with the ring tweeter you get a balanced sound ready for the stage or the street. This amp can also be used for various acoustic instruments, either mic’ed or plugged in. Have fun!

699 €

Harley Benton TableAmp V2 BlueTooth

You want to amplify an instrument or a mic and practice along with a backing track via Bluetooth? The TableAmp V2 Bluetooth is your tool, and it surely will look nice in your living room. Via a combined XLR/jack input you can practice loud enough at home (30 watts RMS of power) without disturbing the neighbours!

59 €

Ortega CONE-WND Acoustic Amp

The Ortega has all the features of the ACUS One Street-5 except for battery operation. It’s less portable in this way but the plus is that it’s a 100-watt amp, which means you can use it for medium-sized venues and get nice rich sound at the volume you need. Its ash body, with a walnut natural finish, is elegant yet discreet and this its price tag is quite attractive too! What’s not to love?

579 €

There you have it folks, our top 5 list of acoustic amp from 2021. Which one are you dying to try? Let us know with a comment. 

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    I have the Harley Benton table amp, and it’s a great little amp with an acoustic guitar.
    I only wish they made it rechargeable, it wouldn’t cost much to do that, and it would make it perfect for outdoor use, away from the electric socket.

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