Multieffekte Gitarre 2022
Top 3 Multi-Effects for Guitar 2022

Top 3 Multi-Effects for Guitar 2022

A lot has happened in the world of multi-effects processors and pedalboards of all kinds this year! We’ve rounded up 3 of the best devices released in 2022 for you, and you can listen to them right here 👇


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Boss GX-100

Boss is one of the most renowned manufacturers of multi-effects devices. And even if you think there can’t be anything new anymore, the Boss GX-100 is out to prove otherwise! The device has a color touch screen that makes editing quick and easy. Under the hood, the GX-100 not only offers 23 amp types, but also over 150 BOSS effects (imagine the dimensions of a pedal board with 150 individual pedals!) You can load your own impulse responses, as well as connect additional footswitch or expression pedal. Brilliant for this affordable price range: a total of 15 effects can be used simultaneously! This has much more expensive devices shakin’ in their boots!

Mooer Prime P1 Multi-Effects Grey

The Prime P1 mobile multi-effects is the size of a small smartphone and is a multi-effects charger in the form of an audio interface for guitar and bass. The P1 is fully operated and programmed via the Prime app for smartphones or tablets. All parameters, from amps to speaker simulation, from dynamics to effects, can be tweaked in detail within the app. In addition to effects, amp and cabinet models, a drum machine and a looper with a recording time of 80 seconds are also integrated. There are currently 126 different effect types available, as well as 10 metronome types and 40 drum machine grooves!

Valeton GP-200

The GP-200 is the big brother of the GP-100, which has already won over a large number of guitar and bass players as a modeler. It is equipped with 8 customizable LED pedals, each with 3 pedal models. More than 100 effects ranging from drive to equalizer, modulations, delay and reverberations of all kinds are integrated. There are also 140 types of amplifiers that cover the needs of electric and acoustic guitarists as well as bass players. You will also find a looper with a recording time of 180 seconds. Wow!

The discussion of modeling units has been divisive for many years, but progress doesn’t stop, and it’s hard to deny the now-stunning quality of these products. What do you think, and which of these multi-effects convinces you the most? Tell us in the comments 🙂

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