Thomann’s Synth Reactor

Thomann’s Synth Reactor

Between March 14 and 17 get ready to immerse yourself in the world of synthesizers, from modular to virtual, and be guided by our team and a carefully-curated selection from the top YouTubers in the world. They will be coming to Treppendorf, Germany and be given access to any products they want in our warehouses, which they can use to create video content with. ? This ever-evolving techie world will take you to sonic landscapes you’ve never heard before and will introduce you to a plethora of new & innovative gear available in our warehouses and beyond. Buckle up! ??


What to expect

Remember our ambitious #TGU18 event last year? It was a huge success! Well imagine that but no guitars and more (a lot of) synths! We have invited some guests, you may recognise some names in the following list. These 25 YouTubers are coming our way:

LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER  /  Cuckoo  /  BoBeats  /  Doctor Mix  /  DivKid  /  HAINBACH  /  Rachel K Collier  /  Dawless Jammin’  /  Simon The Magpie  /  The Tuesday Night Machines  /  Ann Annie  /  Once Upon A Synth  /  Jakob Haq  /  PlugInGuru  /  Molten Music Technology  /  Accurate Beats  /  Automatic Gainsay  /  Noir Et Blanc Vie  /  SynthMania  /  Gaz Williams  /  Multiplier  /  SoundsAndGear  /  8-Bit Keys  /  VØSNE  /  Synth Anatomy  

Wow! What about brands?

We will also have selected representatives of various synth-related brands on board, who will be available to the YouTubers as discussion partners and for establishing relationships. The following brands will be sponsoring the event:


Korg and Yamaha will be the headlining sponsors for the event but the following brands will also be present as strong partners:

Great, where do I follow along?

A very important question. The answer is HERE on the, on our Instagram account and on Facebook and YouTube using the hashtag #TSR19!


You can find all the videos related to the event in our playlist by clicking below:


What do you think of our new & exciting event? Any predictions? Which products would you like to see featured in our guests’ videos? Please let us know in the comments below ?

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