Thomann Offers Staff Vaccination

Thomann Offers Staff Vaccination

Thomann employees have been offered the Coronavirus / Covid-19 vaccination with the intention to protect them, their loved ones and their beloved customers. The first vaccination session took place on May 27, 2021, doctors were on site in our t-kitchen, which was specially arranged for the occasion. Staff members were taking care of registrations and appointments for the second shot.

It was a voluntary offer that met with great demand and satisfaction from the Thomann crew. Many were thankful and posted the vaccination on their social media accounts. We all hope that the pandemic is over soon… we’re really looking forward to welcoming customers, in large numbers, back to Treppendorf and we all can’t wait to make and listen to live music again! ️🎸️🥁

A big thank you to everyone who made this vaccination event possible! 🙏 Below you can see some photos… 📸

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    Please stick to selling instruments not vaccine propaganda.

    Customer lost!

    learn to accept different opinions if you want to be understood

    Thats a great thing you did for your employees. Look forward to be able to shop in Treppendorf like before. Stay safe everyone.

    Looking forward to seeing you! Take care,

    I have been a stable customer for at least 10 years now. I have bought at least 10 guitars (Gibson, Gretsch, Fender, Danelectro and many more…) I bought amps, guitar accessories, books and I was still buying on a regular basis…until i saw your vaccine propaganda….Before you engage in virtue signalling perhaps get your facts right on the covid vaccines (MRNA) – NONE of these vaccines have been approved by the FDA (it even says so on Pzifer website), they have been allowed to be used only in case of emergency and only if there is no other treatment available.
    Multiple studies show – there are other treatments available – Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, – also the state of emergency that’s currently being held in place is not correct – because it is based on the faulty PCR tests- which have been proven to be inexact and showing incorrect statistics – which are propagated by the Mainstream Media Channels…
    Don’t involve politics in your business – you are risking to lose customers – I know now i will have to look elsewhere to buy some gear — and boy you know I have a gear acquisition syndrome – too bad for you….

    Relax… The earth is suffering from overpopulation. We need to decrease the number of people at least by half… Let people have their vaccination… In 10 years you will be grateful… There will be much less traffic, pollution, more parking places available… And less ignorance… The future belongs to the people who are capable of independent thought, logical reasoning, who educate themselves instead of falling for any media campaign selling products that are potentially harmfull.

    Anthony Fauci emails have been published yesterday and even mainstream media channels such as CNN or Fox news have reported on the Wuhan – GSK -Pfizer connection, also linking Fauci to multimillionaire enterprise organisations such as WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates, GAVI … apparently the virus was lab created, pandemic orchestrated, the vaccines experimental and untested with dire consequences for the human race – as Bill Gates reportedly mentioned Depopulation and also digitalisation of ID and medical Records – ID2020 is an official Microsoft website that confirms all ID should be logged into AI.

    Wtf.. Bullshit conspiracies… Bill Gates has nothing to do with vaccines… He is a Software developer… Why would he be interested in vaccines… Who is Fauci?… Look the virus came from a bat in Wuhan… Not from a lab… Jezus… You cannot make a virus in a lab.. Its impossible… Why would you want to spread a virus… And then try to find vaccines to fight it… Its stupid… You are stupid… Your conspiracy theory is bullshit… I bet you even believe in UFO… Lol..

    I have diabetes, and I pay almost 650 euro every month…for insulin… Which I need to survive… My point is.. How come you have to pay for Chemo, Insulin, how come there’s no cure for cancer, Hiv… And suddenly… Out of nowhere… Here comes the miracle vaccin for a disease that’s been around since 2020… And it’s completely free… And you better take the shot… Or you won’t ever go back to normal… Instead we’ll lock you down forever and you will never travel or go to a restaurant or see your family again… Now go and get the shot God damn it!!!

    these people are heroes… seriously…to sacrifice your life and to risk your health to act as a lab rat, to go through the animal testing phase as a human, it really shows great philanthropic spirit, thank you all… thank you for trying the vax on yourself… now i can just wait for 3 to 4 years to see how the long term side effects work out…and if it’s safe to use i will get vaxed in 2025 or 2030 to make sure the vaccine is safe and been testen on animals and humans before… thank you again guys…keep up the good work!!! cheers!!

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