The Beatles Quiz – Gear Trivia!

The Beatles Quiz – Gear Trivia!

Global Beatles Day honours and celebrates the ideals of The Beatles and was created in 2009 by a Beatles fan, as “a thank you or love letter to The Beatles”.

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Lawrence started playing the electric guitar because of his passion for rock music. Back in the day he played in a metal band, but now plays more for himself.


    I’m a songwriter, started my career 1975 in London. Met there many great musicians like Hank B Marvin. Asked him: Hank, my mate, how on earth I can became to a great guitarist as you are. He smiled and said: Buy a Fender, I did and still have it a Stratocaster custom -68. Have written a couple of thousand songs and many of them are inspired by Beatles and Irving Berlin.

    how on earth I can became a great guitarist? please check your spelling.

    Great story Eugene!

    Joe, you seem fun.

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