Strandberg’s new line of basses

Strandberg’s new line of basses

Who wins the award for the weirdest looking guitars? Well, Strandberg, of course! But what about basses? We must admit that Strandberg would undoubtedly earn this hypothetical title too with their new line of multi-scale basses. But why are their shapes and designs so unconventional? Their main reason is ergonomics, and if you know the definition of “ergonomic” and you’ve ever held one of these basses you will know exactly what we mean.

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These basses are design with comfort and playability in mind; the cut of the body and the very noticeable light weight play a major role here. Their multi-scale design, including fanned frets, also add a lot to the beautiful low end of the basses’ toneJulia explains it quite well in the video below:

Available in 4-string or 5-string models, Brown or Natural

What do you think of Strandberg’s new line of basses? Would you ever play one of these? Why or why not? Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below or on the Facebook post. 📝

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    I would definitely try and use one on a daily basis. I am a headless enthusiast and I love out of the ordinary shapes.
    I have heard that they are very well built and the tone is awesome on these ones.
    All I need now is the money to purchase one. :))

    Great video Julia’s a star 😊 I would love a Prog 5, both for the tone and the design.

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