Quiz - What instrument should I pick?
Quiz – Which instrument should I learn?

Quiz – Which instrument should I learn?

Ready for some instrument matchmaking? This fun quiz is all about finding that perfect musical companion that resonates with your unique musical personality. So get ready to find out which instrument you should learn to play!



Disclaimer: the results from this #Back2School quiz are more fun than science…

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Lawrence started playing the electric guitar because of his passion for rock music. Back in the day he played in a metal band, but now plays more for himself.


    I love piano, but guitar will be good! Thank’s!

    I should learn guitar… well that was useless , I already play guitar haha

    I like piano but violino its ok too

    I play guitar but drums are ok too

    Yup. it said piano, but that’s already my main instrument.

    I want to play trumpet, but pianos… not my style.??????????????????

    I’ve always wanted to play guitar since I was young

    i am learning drums and i wanted to learn something new and at the end of the quiz i got drums again………

    This does not work well for me. I HATE the violins (no offense to you violin people out there it’s just I hate the instrument, not the people). I actually play cello. I don’t think I should play the high notes.

    I already play the Saxophone and I took this test just for fun and I got guitar! I’ve never been interested in many string instruments but out of all string instruments I’d only play violin or cello.

    I was lookin to play a bass guitar, and that’s what I got! :3

    Well I really love violin and that’s what i got! I guess I should give myself a change to learn it,

    I’ve been wanting to learn the bass for a while, so I’m pleasantly surprised that I got it as a result

    It suggests I should learn the violin. Not sure what my seven guitars will think about a violin joining the family??

    I got piano, looks like a good choice for a newbie

    i want to play piano but i cant devote myself by myself because i have no teachers

    I got the instrument I already play… BASS

    Gave me drums, I play trumpet lol

    I have been learning the violin for 6 months.
    But I got the saxophone
    What should I do

    i play piano but drums will totally beat it! I love drums!


    i got trumpet! so exited! mom got me one after she heard what i got! love this quiz!

    hm. I got violin ._. strange, violin is the least instrument I thought of playing. I actually like guitar, the music from that instrument is awesome. I made a choice to buy one and learn guitar next year. But maybe violin is my instrument.

    I got bass guitar, I never played it before. I might try it. ?

    I wanted to get piano but I got violin, I’m not mad at it, I actually think I’ll give it a try. I wanna express my feelings with it.

    haha, i played violin before.

    Well i do wanna play the Piano,but I wanna learn how to play the Guitar

    I got piano. I’ve played piano since I was 6.

    I got bass guitar which is the one I was thinking of playing.

    I got bass guitar, What i wanted…BARI SAX!!!!

    Ok i got saxophone but i dont like saxophone at all TT

    I got a violin, and I love it so much. Just thinking it is a bit tough to learn.

    it said: a violin but i don’t like it that much besides it takes so many years to be good at it

    This quiz is totally rubbish… do not waste your time on this.

    agree i got bass guitar and i play kalimba and i dont even like playing guitars

    I am going into middle school and don’t know what instrument to play I a down to saxophone and clarinet. Yall decide.

    be like squidward play the clairenet

    I got violin. I hate it soooo much. I already play piano. What should I do? In almost all the quizzes I got violin. Help me please!

    violins are stupid. what should i choose?

    I hate violin /person who say I hateviolin

    Bass…and yeahh, I wanna learn bass so bad but I don’t have money to buy one LOL.


    that is dumb and lol at the same time \( ` `_ )/

    I’ve always wanted to play drums xd

    I got drums, I’ve always been drawn to them, but for some reason I’ve always been scared to pick it up, but know what? Let’s do it

    I got violin which I already play but I’m not even sure weather I’m good at it but according to my mom dad and sister I am soooo I’m going to carry on playing it ???

    I got violin which I am playing I don’t know weather I’m good but my whole family and friend , strangers say I am so I will continue playing ???

    Do you think I should carry on

    my main instrument is piano but it said violin idk if i even like playing piano or any other instruments..

    i got piano……but it is already my main instrument. and also I wanna play drum

    FLUTE! It’s a jazz ‘classical’ smooth and quiet increment that I could just play alonenor stuff like that

    I play 7 instruments as of right now: drums, saxophone, bass clarinet, ukulele, guitar, trumpet, and piano.

    I started to play the drums in band, then I moved to the saxophone in band since my 8th grade year. I used to play the bass clarinet in 7th grade. The ukulele, guitar, and piano are instruments I just play for fun.

    I played the saxophone for both my freshman and sophomore year in marching band. I might play trumpet my junior year and switch to tenor quad drums my senior year.

    I’m planning on learning more instruments and to learn to be a band director when I go to a music college after I graduate high school. I also hope to play in a college marching band and to be in an orchestra. I am thinking about playing at gig concerts as well.

    Am I the only one who cant find start??


    Church organ!!! 😁👍

    The sax seriously surprised me. Guess I’m gonna sell my three guitars 😀

    I got violin which is what I already started learning a while back so that’s good since I have 3 violins.

    This quiz does not work. I was doing it for fun because I already play the trombone , and I got drums

    I tried this for inspiration for my next instrument to play. I got the instrument I stopped playing yesterday 🤦‍♂️

    I play violin and I got violin

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